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Sandwich Panel Production Line


Sandwich panel construction techniques have experienced considerable development in the last 40 years. Previously, sandwich panels were considered products suitable only for functional constructions and industrial buildings. However, their good insulation characteristics, their versatility, quality and appealing visual appearance, have resulted in a growing and widespread use of the panels across a huge variety of buildings. A sandwich panel is any structure made of three layers: a low-density core, and a thin skin-layer bonded to each side. Sandwich panels are used in applications where a combination of high structural rigidity and low weight is required.

Sandwich panels are an example of a sandwich structured composite: the strength and lightness of this technology makes it popular and widespread. Its versatility means that the panels have many applications and come in many forms: the core and skin materials can vary widely and the core may be a honeycomb or a solid filling. Enclosed panels are termed cassettes.

Continuous PU sandwich panel production line is one of the most important representative products of LOTOS.

LOTOS COMPANY mainly provide various leading highly integrated and automatic Continuous PU sandwich panel production line and our customers come from each corner all over the world.

Sandwich Panel Production Line

sandwich panel production line:

A. Roll Forming Line

  • Coil Car and Uncoiler for Upper and Lower (Max. 7 ton)
  • 3 sets machines for Top and Bottom
  • Roll Forming machine for Top
  • Roll Forming machines for lower
  • Traverse System by Rail for Lower Roll Forming machine
  • Main body frame (Mezzanine deck) for upper roll forming
  • Free Roller Conveyors
  • Electric control Included on item H

B. Pre-heating system for Steel Facing

C. High Pressure PU foaming machine --

  • High Pressure PU foaming machine (2 components)
  • Machine Tank system (500L x2sets)

D. Foaming portal

E. Double Belt Conveyor system

  • Heating system
  • Side Guide system
  • Side Block system

F. Cross cutter by band saw & Disk saw for roof panel overlapping

G. Cooling Conveyor ---- 25 stages-option

H. Stacker-option

I. Packing machine (PVC Wrapping machine) -option

J. Electric Control System

Sandwich Panel Production Line

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