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What is a roll forming process?

About Roll Forming machine Design, A series of rolls design according to the forming process (roll flower) design and adapted to form the steel sheet gradually. The characteristic of the long production line with more than twenty stands of rolls causes the forming defects of the twisting, the bowling, the swinging, the wrinkling, and the spring back of the sheet blank during the cold roll forming process.


metal forming process

What is cold roll forming?

Metal roll forming is a roll forming machine that design for specific metal such as SS, GI, CI, PPGI, CU and so on.

The cold roll forming process is an alternative method to shape the advanced high strength steel using a series of rolls under the condition of room temperature. The forming rolls design with relief and trap features to control the material locally and prevent the defects of folding and wrinkling.for study more, you can see this link :

The prediction of deformation length in cold roll-forming



How did Roll Forming Machines work?

In the cold roll-forming process, a long metal strip is deformed progressively through a series of rotating rolls in several stands, in order to achieve a required cross-section, with no reduction in the strip thickness, except in the localized bend regions. Being a progressive and continuous process, in which small amounts of forming are applied at each pass of rolls, cold roll forming is largely employed to bend a long strip of sheet blank into a desired cross-sectional profile via roller dies.

for study more, you can see this link:

The effects of forming parameters on the cold roll forming of channel section

What is stronger hot or cold rolled steel?

Advanced high strength steel is a hard-to-form material using the conventional forming method. The hot stamping process is a good way to reduce the forming load of the advanced high strength steel stamping. The heating and the cooling process is complex and difficult to control for the hot stamping method. The cold roll forming process is an alternative method to shape the advanced high strength steel using a series of rolls under the condition of room temperature.

How does roll forming work?

Roll forming machine work continues by special roll design on amount of stand. All stand drives together and will roll material with the same speed, roll forming technology came for easier and faster processing on sheet metal to precise demanded profile, each stand of tooling will make small forming on material and pass it to next stand, as result, we will have required profile shape.

Roll Forming machine Design, Cold roll forming is one of the complex forming processes which quality of products is highly dependent on the process parameters.
some roll forming parameters of channel section investigate on the edge longitudinal strain and bow defect of products such as bending angle increment, strip thickness, flange width of section, web width of the section, friction in the roll and strip contact, speed of roll, and distance between the roll stand. It is important to consider these parameters for roll forming process design.


Custom Roll Forming Machine

What is Roll Forming?

Raw material decoiler, tooling machine with the amount of alignment stand and roller, cutting and the punching unit, that together we call roll forming machine. Roll forming is a continuous bending process during which the thin sheet of metal is successively passed through a set of rolls that incrementally bend it until the desired cross-section is obtained.


Whats cold roll forming ?

Cold roll forming won’t change the thickness of material during stands and rollers. Hot rolling mill is a process with changing the thickness of hot material, in cold roll forming machine we just forming room temperature material.

Cold roll-forming is a process of forming metal from the sheet, strip or coiled stock into shapes of essentially uniform cross-section by feeding the strips through successive pairs of rolls arranged in tandem. The deformation in cold roll-forming is quite complex and due to this inherent complexity of the process, the role design and other decision-making often involve a good deal of trial and error.

How does cold forming work?

cold roll forming process design is usually called roll design. The section profile of the demonstrated product divide into two major segments, the center rib, and the chambers, for the purpose of bending angle control.

what parameter is important in the roll forming process?

One of the useful parameters in the design of the roll forming line is deformation length. Deformation length can be used to calculate the distance between two roll forming stands.

How does roll forming work?

The “forming angle” method, which regards as reasonably dependable for assisting in the determination of the number of roll stations to form a bend, takes account of the intermittent deformation under each roll station only in a crude way.

What are the defects in the metal forming process?

1: each roll forming process line just can produce one shape profile with a range of thickness.

2: it needs feeler or wire gauges for the roller gap once raw material thickness changed.


What’s the stronger hot or cold rolled steel?

First of all we can not compare a hot rolling process with a cold rolling machine, each one has different duty for different material but generally we have much stronger cold roll forming line than a hot rolling line, meanwhile, there is so much small roll forming machine for law thickness profile.

As a result, we can tell you strong or weak is based on the design of profile size and thickness.

Does cold rolling increase hardness?

No during stand rolling process the hardness of material won’t increase.


How is cold rolling done?

Its start by design then analyzing for roller, then machining and heat operation for shaft and roller, in same way frame welding and surface machining finally goes for assembly and manufacture complete cold rolling machine.


How does cold forming work?

Cold forming machine feeding by sheet metal from de-coiler then start to forming step by step, stand by stand, each tooling stand has duty for a specific amount of changing shape on the raw material.

The most noteworthy point is roll forming machine working quietly without any popping or wrinkling, the further more final profile should be without any distortion, crimp as well as misalignment. All roll forming roller parts should design by experienced professional engineering with well-known software, to get the final standard result.





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