Adjust the gap Between the up roller and down roller:

Many roll-to-roll forming processes usually use a series of hard pressure rollers, to deliver smooth, high-quality products. Ensuring a consistent material thickness depends on the ability to monitor, and hold a precise gap between rollers. 
Establishing a roller gap and checking for parallelism across roller width can be a slow and cumbersome procedure. Manual measurement requires multiple sized feeler gauges.


If the adjustment knobs turn when you receive the mill, then the screws may have loosened during shipment, and you need to check the gap setting. when you have brewed using some grain that you crushed with the factory gap setting, you’re ready to adjust the gap and turn up the efficiency of your factory. 
To adjust the gap, loosen the screws so the knobs can turn. Use a feeler gauge to measure and set the gap. Slide the feeler gauge shims into the gap on one end of the rollers. Tighten the knobs so the feeler gauge is tight in the gap. Repeat on the other end of the roller to be sure they are parallel. Tighten the screws on the adjustment knobs. 
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