How to adjust the rollers of the roll forming machine

ADJUSTING THE GAP BETWEEN ROLLERS: hello, today we’re coming to installation again and setup roll forming machine. it’s a good moment to share with you some special knowledge about setup. we are checking each roller by roller in the middle I’m trying to find out which roller is not in the proper place to adjust it and finalize the system put the mirror down part up part. in our videos, you can how we check in the mirror you see the mirror side you can see the profile inside between the roller and how it going inside like a left and right.



for ADJUSTING THE GAP BETWEEN ROLLERS you can see the down part of the profile and the gap between profile and down roll up you know the gap, left gap, the size maybe here more easily for you to check, you can see from here you pay attention in the mirror so with one mirror and one line time experience and roll forming adjusting you can adjust the step, here see the left and right the gap should be same I’m showing your engineering and as you find out one thing is not in the proper position by your experience by your material thickness materials you can figure out the adjusting going left or going right.

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