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Cable ladder

ladder tray, cable runway, or cable ladder has a range of direct lengths and different shaped fittings design to comfort changing cabling directions or levels easily, without the need to modify any components.
cable ladders are considered to be the strongest products that are available to support cables.
the cable ladders can offer high load capabilities over long spans.
so they install on sites where they need to distribute high volumes of cables.
rungs are perforated, which makes it easy to fasten cable ties or cable cleats directly onto the ladder.
It is of the stronger build
Configuration is easy.
Air circulation is free hence derating of cable current carrying capacity is not required.
Fewer accessories are required.
Can carry more load
Supports heavy cables
Cables are easily accessible

Cable ladder machine

What is the difference between cable ladders and cable trays?

cable tray roll forming machine

Cable Tray

Cable tray use for easier to lay new cables onto a tray system as the needs of a project change over time.
the Cable trays although perforate, but airflow is not as free as in the cable ladders. but Cable trays are mechanically safer than in the cable ladder.
a Cable Tray has a single sheet of metal. Suitable for light electrical and instrumentation cables.
they are the most aesthetically pleasing option.
Covers can be added to protect cabling against UV.