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Multi Punch High Speed C Profile Machine

The C PROFILE LINE is designed to handle various tasks with ease, from forming to punching, ensuring that each product meets the highest quality standards. Its innovative technology allows for quick and accurate production of C-U profile lines, making it an indispensable asset for any manufacturing operation.

Investing in a high-speed C-U profile line can significantly enhance your production capabilities and streamline your workflow. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the C CHANNEL LINE is a smart choice for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition.

Full Automatic C channel Roll Forming Line for Solar Structures

This high-speed C-U profile line is equipped with a multi-punch automatic C channel line, ensuring that the production process is seamless and accurate.

Imagine having a full automatic roll forming line specifically design for solar structures. The capabilities of this machine are unmatched, allowing for quick and precise fabrication of mounting structures that are essential for solar panel installations. With this technology at your disposal, you can streamline your production process and meet the demands of the renewable energy market with ease.

C Channel Production Line 

Hydraulic decoiler+loading cart – shovel feeder+leveling – shearing and butt-welding – horizontal accumulator – leveling on bridge – looper 1# – hydraulic punch station – pre-shearing – looper 2#(travel-in conveyor) – roll forming machine – multiple cutting die – conveyor – stacker

This production line will be combined with hydraulic decoiler, shovel feeder, leveling, shearing and but-welding, horizontal accumulator, leveling on bridge, looper 1#, hydraulic punch station, pre-shearing, looper 2#(travel-in conveyor), roll forming machine part, multiple cutting die, stacker, electric control cabinet and so on.


Each part Technical Parameter

1. Hydraulic Decoiler+Loading Cart
1.1Loading capacity8T
1.2Steel coil I.D.Φ480-Φ508mm
1.3Steel coil O.DMax Φ1500mm
1.4Cantilever width600mm
1.5Additionl Coupled with loading cart

l With disc brake

Hydraulic Decoiler+Loading Cart

C Channel Roll Forming Machine
2. Shovel Feeder+Leveling
2.1Shovel feedingPress coil thread, with extension plate….send coil into leveling unit.
2.2LevelingIt is used to rough-straighten steel coils and plates before sending them to subsequent processes.
2.3Structure type2 units of pinch rollers, 5-roller leveling, fully hydraulic control
2.4Motor power11KW
2.5Pinch feeding speed10m/min
3. Shearing and butt-welding
3.1Functionl Cut off the defective part at the beginning and end of the steel strip and the defective part in the middle of the coil.

l Cut the head and tail before butt welding, so that the butt welding joints are straight and aligned, which is beneficial to butt welding.

3.2Structure typeHydraulic shear + automatic welding
3.3Shear thickness≤3.0mm
3.4Maximum cutting width600mm
4. Horizontal Accumulator
4.1PrincipleUsed to store steel strips, store the butted strips in accumulator, and supply materials to the punch unit. The accumulator works in a fixed-loop system, with the outside in and the inside out.
4.2Accumulator diameterФ4.5M
4.3Strip width209mm~560mm(estimated)
4.4Strip thickness12-16ga(1.52~2.66mm)
4.5Feeding motor powerAC 18.5KW
4.6Driven motor powerAC 22KW
5. Leveling on bridge
5.1LevelingIt is used to straighten steel coils and plates before sending them to punch unit.
5.2Structure type2 units of pinch rollers, 5-roller leveling
5.4RemarkSpeed adjustable
6. Looper 1#
6.1TypeRoller with PU, motorized lifting up & down
6.3StructureWelded plate with tubes, quenching with sand blasting treatment
6.4Roller structureФ80 pipe with shaft, wrapped with PU, hardness 90°~95°

Dimension: Ф80mm×800mmL

6.5RemarkUsed to storage the material
7. Hydraulic Punch Station
7.1Servo feedingDriven by servo motor XINJE 11KW
7.2Punch methodHydraulic punch
7.3Punch unit6 dies
7.4Die materialCR12MOV
8. Pre-shearing
8.1FunctionCut coil to length-ed sheet
8.2Shearing capacity3.0×800mm
8.3Die materialCR12MOV
8.4RemarkIt’s good for long workpiece
9. Looper 2#
9.1TypeRoller with PU, motorized lifting up & down
9.3StructureWelded plate with tubes, quenching with sand blasting treatment
9.4Roller structureФ80 pipe with shaft, wrapped with PU, hardness 90°~95°

Dimension: Ф80mm×800mmL

10. Roll Forming Machine
10.1Roller groups22 stations
10.2Roller materialGCR15 with heat treatment, HRC 58-62°
10.3Roller shaft dia.Φ75-85mm
10.4Shaft material40CR with quenching and tempering
10.5Motor30KW, Siemens BEIDE
10.6C to ZManual changeover (4 stations)
10.7Width/height changeoverDriven by servo motor XINJE 2.2KW
10.8Transmission way180# Gearbox
10.9Machine frame bodyIntegrated welded plate housing frame
10.10Roller supporterCasting pillar stands
11. Cutting Unit
11.1Cutting methodl  Flying Cutting Die

l  Combination die/Post cutting die(not determined)

11.2Cutting die1 SET
11.3Die materialCR12MOV
11.5Cutting die qtyDepends on profile group
12. Conveyor Roller
12.1Roller width500 mm
12.2Transportation conveyor length24,000 mm
12.3Feeding roller diameterPass-through rollers are coated with PU
12.4Feed roller powerMotor 4KW
12.5Roller speed25 m/min
13. Stacker
13.1Stacking lifting stroke500mm
13.2Suitable sheet Length2-12m
13.3Magnetic chuck quantity8 units
13.4RemarkThe vertical discharge palletizer consists of

positioning discharge rack, stacking lifting roller, discharging roller, etc.

14. Electricity Control Cabinet
14.1Frequency inverterDELTA
14.3Screen touch screenDELTA
14.4Low voltageSchneider
14.5Power supply480V/60HZ/3P
14.6Operation methodWith manual and automatic switching function
14.7Remarkl 1 unit for leveling, 1 unit for forming machine, 1 unit for stacker;

l The whole machine adopts PLC control, LCD touch screen and human-machine interface.

Shovel Feeder+Leveling


Horizontal Accumulator


Leveling on bridge


Hydraulic Punch Station


Roll Forming Machine


Cutting Unit


Conveyor Roller



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