Cassette Roll Forming Machine

DUE to cost and workshop space, we will do several different profile size in one roll forming machine by Cassette design. Multi-size one profile with quick-changing cassette: this type of roll forming machine is mostly suitable for C PURLING, and U PURLIN, and With various width. we make one side of roller station or both side of roller stand on linear guide and can automatically move left and right. in this way, once your demand profile width change. you just put new size on PLC program and roller stands will move to an ordered position, and then you can put new raw material inside and get your final profile easily.


Different profiles forming by different cassettes: regarding customer requirement, we can design one basic structure and drive motor with electrical cabinet and different CASSETTE. The cassette contains a rollers shaft and station stand with the base structure. so once want to form another profile just change a complete cassette. we call quick change cassette design roll forming machine.
In this type of roll forming machine you can change cassette in less than 1 hour, and start forming a new profile. The general cost for any extra cassette is about 40-50% of total gearbox drives roll forming a line. so its looks economic and reasonable to purchase quick change cassette design machine for several different profile forming. Contact us for the best Cassette Type Roll Forming Machine. Specialized Manufacturer Of Roll Forming Machine, With 10 Years Experience. Strict Quality Control.

Custom Roll Forming

Custom Roll Forming Machine

Machine design capacity:

  1. Raw material thickness: 0.6-2.0mm
  2. Input material width: about 200mm/800mm
  3. Raw material yield limit: S-355
  4. working speed with punching: 5-8m/min
  5.  without punching: 10-15m/min
Cassette Rafted Roll Forming Machine

  Each part technical parameter:

1. decoiler + Hydraulic Feeding table
Loading capacity5T with travel car
Steel coil I.D.φ480-φ508mm
 coil O.Dmax φ1800mm
Cantilever width700mm
2. Leveling unit
Roller number2 roller clamp material feeding;

5 rollers for leveling

Roller dia.Φ100mm, heating treatment, hardness HRC48º~52º
Frequency motor15kw
Leveling speed1-18m/min
Roller materialGr15
3. 150 Ton puncher Unit with puncher die
Hydraulic Puncher Unit150 TON 4 Column
Puncher dieAccording to your drawing
 die materialCr12MoV
4. Pre-cutting blade+Oval Hydraulic Puncher Unit
Cutting blade materialGr12MoV
Oval hold puncher unitWith die
5. Roll Forming Machine
Basement with motor and gear boxWelded structure with machining surface

Gearbox and cardan joint

Motor22KW*2pcs,Siemens Brand
Transmission wayGY230# independent Gear box
Machine frame body10mm Welded plated, Stress-Relieving
 5. Cassette Roll Formings
CASSETTEProfile 1 2 3 4
Roller materialGCr15heat treatment
 shaft diaΦ60mm
Shaft material40Cr
Transmission wayGearbox Cardan
Cassette frame body10mm Welded plated
Roller supportercasting pillar
 amount10 station
 6.Hydraulic Pump Station for mail machine
Motor power22KW
Cooling wayFan wind
7. Servo tracking cutting unit
Servo motorDelta
Cutting die4 units (each profile one specific DIE)
8. Electricity control cabinet
Frequency inverterMitsubishi A800
Screen touch screenSiemens
Low voltageSchneider



Cassettes Changeable Roll Forming Machine

In fact,Lotosforming has great solution for that manufacture who needs several profiles by one forming machine. Cassette design roll forming machine is the best solution for the user with less productivity and more different profile. As you see in the picture its 8 different cassettes with one base forming machine with the gearbox-Cardan transmission.
Machine surface already well machining and has a smooth align surface. Then we can change the cassette and put new cassette on forming a machine base and fix it with a screw. After all, cassette completely installed we can fix roller with Cardan joint One by one.
After all gear Cardan fixed with roller shaft we will run the machine and start producing a new profile.

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Product Name: Cassette Type Roll Forming Machine

Product Description: we will do several different profile sizes in one roll forming machine by Cassette design.

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