Klip-Lok Roll Forming Machine

the fact that, LOTOS is engaged in manufacturing and supplying an innovative range of Clip Lock Profile Sheets roll forming machine.actually, fully automatic roll forming machines ensuring uniform dimensional accuracy. Clip-Lock Design incorporates the use of clips, avoiding the use of screws for sheet fixing. Clip lock design ensures the fast installation of roofing sheets.

Clip Lock Roof is our range of Roofing Machine and Cladding products roll forming machine. indeed, Lock Seam Roof Panels are durable, strong and thermally efficient. It seems attractive and gives a high great look to the building along with maintaining its strength. this machine is fully automatic roll-forming machines for higher dimensional accuracy. Klip Lok Design offers superior strength to weight ratio and Wide range of color options for greater design flexibility.

Self Lock Roof Roll Forming Machine

Standing seam panel roll forming machine

similarly, KLIP-LOK is a new production roof and wall cladding that is powerful, stable, and long length roof or wall cladding. The special fastening method provides that use on many applications such as low pitched roofs and vertical or horizontal walls.
in addition, KLIP-LOK 700 roofing sheets are available in rolled. roll-formed from certified steel means extra long lengths of Klip-Lok 700 Roof Sheeting. Klip Lok roof panel forming machine can produce continual lengths. so, KLIP-LOK roofing sheets also remove expansion joints. Kliplok Sheet Panel offers bold ribs and concealed fastening panels.in fact, LOTOS can design and produce all various types of Klip Lok machine.

In this case, Standing seam roof panels are appropriate for use in offices, warehouses, and public facilities hidden roof panel to solve the conventional series of roof leakage problems. hidden joint roofing panel is a popular choice. A Standing seam roof panel Roll Forming Machine design for continuous production of panel hidden joint. LOTOS offer an excellent quality range of Joint Hidden Roll Forming Machine to our customer.


Flush Panel Roll Forming Machine

Flush panels design for wall, fascia, and soffit applications. Soffit panels are a type of building panel that connects the roof overhang with the side of a building. A concealed fastening system improve the flush appearance while providing additional strength.

Joint Hidden Sheet Roll Forming Machine

So,LOTOS is offering our client an excellent quality range of Joint Hidden Roll Forming Machine or clip lock roof roll forming machine. The total roofing sheet roll forming machine line involves decoiler and most important machine and computer system controlling technique and run out tables. The machines are easy to operate and running steady. This Joint Hidden Roll Forming Machine is manufactured with high precision utilizing superb grade elements with the support of modern technology.

The advantages of joint hidden wall panel cold roll forming machine are as follows:
1.Easy operation, low maintenance cost
2.Material saving
3. The type of panel is widely used.
4.Easy operation, short construction period

Clip Lock Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

  • Summary:

Material: GI/PPGI/AL

Material Thickness:0.3-0.9mm

Main roll forming machine Power: 5.5KW

Input width:1220mm

Forming speed: 20m/min

  • Main Parts
  1. Hydraulic Decoiler
  2. Manual pre-shearing
  3. Feeding Guide
  4. Roll Forming System
  5. Hydraulic Stamping&Cutting unit
  6. Control system
  7. Output table


  • Working Flowing

Hydraulic Decoiler— Feeding—Roll Forming—-Hydraulic servo tracking Cutting —- Output table

  • Each part technical parameter
Decoiler TypeManual
Loading capacity10Ton

Impassive to expanding

Roll Forming system with feed panel unit
Axis Diameter75mm
Forming Roller station28 Groups
Main Axis materialFirst grade 45# steel

heated and quenched

Roller materialFirst grade 45# steel

Hard Chrome Coated

heated and quenched

Forming Speed10-15m/min
Drive Type1” Chain of transmission
Chain sizeJapan CHOHO 100#
Machine Frame standWelded structural steel,

thickness 10mm

Hydraulic Stamping&Cutting Device
Cutting typeHydraulic stop cutting
Hydraulic pump power4 KW
Hydraulic pressure12Mpa
Hydraulic Blade &cutter


Cr12, quenching process 58-62
Cutting length tolerance10m±2mm
Electrical System
PLC systemJapan Panasonic
Length ControllerEncoder Japan KOYO
OperationTouch Screen/DELTA
InverterJapan DELTA
Run-out Table
Table quantity3 pcs
Structurerollers on bearings
supported characters range from letters A-Z.
Self Lock Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

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Product Description: Klip-Lok /Clip Lock Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

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