Coil Cutting Machine

the cutting process is used for uncoiling, straightening, gauging, crosscutting to length and stacking work. The cut to length line for sale can make sure of accurate feeding and shearing.▷ Cut to Length Line | Cut to Length Steel LOTOS design 2022 ◁ is controlled by the PLC system or manually as required by the customer. It has PLC controlled single shaft feeder, the information of length, shearing numbers, and speed. When the needed shearing number is reached the line can stop automatically. The line speed can be adjusted. It has a gauge with high precision, and the whole line can work automatically and operate easily thereby producing smooth sheets.

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cut to length machine sheet metal
  •  Light Gauge Cut-To-Length Lines
  1. 0.2 – 2 mm (1600 mm) Automatic Cut-To-Length Line
  2. 0.2 – 2 mm (1350 mm) Automatic Cut-To-Length Line
  3. 0.3 – 3 mm (1600 mm) Automatic Light Gauge Cut-To-Length Line
  4. 0.3 – 3 mm (1800 mm) Automatic Light Gauge Cut-To-Length Line
  5. 0.2 – 2 mm (1800 mm) Stainless Steel High Precision Coil cut to length line
  6. 0.2 – 2 mm (2100 mm) SS High Precision steel coil cutting machine
  7.  (1600 mm) 0.2 – 3 mm 6 Layer leveling Steel Cutting line
  8. 0.2 – 2 mm (1800 mm) 6 Layer leveling Steel Cutting line
  •  Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Lines
  1. 2 – 2 mm (1600) Automatic Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Lines
  2. 2 – 4 mm (1800) Simple Heavy Cut-To-Length Lines
  3. 3 – 6 mm (1600) Semi-Automatic cut to length line machine
  4. 3 – 6 mm (1800) Semi-Automatic metal cut to length line machine
  5. 4 – 10 mm (1350) Automatic cut to length line machine
  6.  (1600) 4 – 10 mm Automatic cut to length machine
  7. 4 – 10 mm (1850) Automatic cut to length machine

Steel Coil Cutting Machine

Cut to Length Line Machine

Specification Cut-To-Length Lines and Machinery

1Control modelPLC frequency control
2Applied toCarbon steel,GI , PPGI and others
7Coil weightTon≤20
8Diameter of leveling rollermm65
9Distance of leveling rollersmm70
10Number of leveling rollers19
11Material of leveling rollerGCr15
12Material of cutter blade6CrW2Si
14Direction of feed materialfrom right to left
15Length toleranceL=2m≤±0.5
16Diagonal toleranceL=2m≤±1 mm
17Power380V/3PH/50HZ (customized)


Composed devices cut to length machine 

1Hydraulic entry coil car1set
2Hydraulic decoiler1set
3Pre-leveling machine1set
5Side guide device1set
6Servo precision straightening machine1set
8Transportation table1set
9Hydraulic lifting table1set
10Pneumatic stacker device1set
11Exit coil car1set
12Pneumatic system1set
13Hydraulic system1set
14Electrical system1set

Cut to Length Process

Coil car → uncoiling → straightening → shearing machine → stacking and piling system

The layout of Cut to Length Line Machine

cut to length machine for sale

Brief Introduction of The Cut To Length :

An automatic cut to length line is used to make the steel coil straighten and cut to determine the length.

1) Hydraulic entry car

  • The car can move levelly and vertically, which is convenient for putting the steel coils to the un-coiler.
  • It is driven vertically by hydraulic pressure and the level movement is driven by a cycloid electromotor.
  • It sets one hydraulic lifting oil cylinder, four balance guide pillars
  • Function:  It is used to lift up and down, move forward and back to make it easy to load the coils on decoiler. Hydraulic controls lifting, motor drives moving. The car is controlled on the auxiliary control panel. When the coils are on decoiler, the car will return back to the start position. It can also carry back the unfinished coils from decoiler.

2) Hydraulic decoiler cut to length line

  • Supporting steel rolls and uncoiling, the expand and shrink plant thicken to 20mm.
  • the coil can ensure the expanding range φ480-520 of the coils inner diameter
  • It adopts the hydraulic oil cylinder to make the decoiler expandable and fit to the inner diameter of the coils. It is equipped with a cantilever.T the weight of the coils can be up to 20T
  • A 4KW motor drives the coils running and can do forward and reverse running as well as do the decoiling with tension.
  • Mechanical structure: the process is welded by steel plate and steel.

What is a cut-to-length machine?

3) Fourfold pre-leveling steel sheet cut to size

  • It makes uneven steels even and guide them to the right following process
  • The feed part is equipped with the press and pinch device, it drives by hydraulic
  • It is composed of 17 working rollers, a driving device, 2 pinch code rollers, 2 groups of supporting rollers, and a machine frame. Both sides of each rolling wheel are transmitted by needle pins, all are main driving rollers. Total it is 19 rollers, the diameter of leveling roller is 65mm, and the distance of leveling roller is 70mm, it is with supporting rollers
  • the function of the supporting roller: make the even rollers receive the balanced force and reduce the friction of the leveling rollers
  • the working rollers use an electric machine to adjust the upper and lower gap with 2 handwheels to make sure the even quality.
  • Drive model: all the independent rollers and gearboxes are driven by a 45kw frequency control electromotor machine.
  • Automatic circulating lubrication system
  • Main parameter
Motor power45KW
Level temperature-10~40℃
Frame materialQ235
Work roller materialGCr15forge piece
Work roller surface hardnessHRC55-603-5mm Hardened depth 3-5mm
Supporting roller material42Crforge piece
surface hardness of supporting roller materialHRC52-56Hardened depth 3-5mm
Roller handling processRaw material tempering-rough process-Hardened HRC55-60-finish machiningAccording to the bearing shaft processing technology

Cut to length lines

4) Loop

  • The pit is equipped with 2 groups of magic eyes to control the speed buffer between decoiler and slitter
  • The magic eye is controlled by PLC
  • Function: it is used to eliminate the different speeds and make the plates that are in the wrong rail to back the right way. At first, the hydraulic cylinder lifts the bridges to pass the steel sheets. when working, the bridges will lift down, the steel will be stored in the pit. There is equipped with photo electricity devices to adjust the high or low speed to make sure the certain store quantity is in a pit.

5) Side guide device

  • It uses the vertical rollers of both sides to guide the plates into the slitting machine correctly.
  • The guide rollers are adjusted by the rods on both sides. The width range is 500-1500 mm.
  • Main parameter
Guide modelvertical edging roller6pieces
Guide roller technologyQuench and finish grinding
Adjustment modelAdjustment by manual
Main partWelding parts, overall aging treatment
Cutting Machine

6) Servo precision straightening machine

  • It is controlled by a servo electromotor and used to regulate high-speed feed and precise length control
  • The operation is done at the control table with programmable control.
  • Five roller straightening system: up 2 down 3 configuration
  • Roller handling process: Raw material tempering-rough process-Hardened HRC55-60-finish machining
  • 4 roller pressure feeding length, all roller quenched surface coated by polyurethane and fine grinding into
  • Drive model: 15kw servo motor with precise decelerating transmission and synchronous to transport the belt to feed rollers.

7) Cutter 

  • shear model: cut from up to down which is cooperate with the signal direct from the feeder and shear automatically
  • Pneumatic control, and automatic control the shearing
  • Adopt gap adjusting the design to cut the materials
  • Four-side cutter, the material is 6CrW2Si, and it can shear 3mm steel plate safely after heat treatment
  • Function: it can accurately shear coordinated with whole line control, and With the servo feeding and the cutting settings, it can achieve seamless cooperation with the shearing time and achieve the purpose of high-speed shearing.
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cut to length line machine

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