Multi-size door Frame making Machine

Wuxi LOTOS Manufacturing is one of the professional ▷ Door Frame Making Machine | Making a door frame ◁ . also, If you have your door design, show us your design drawing, the good suggestion can be given out by our engineer. if you have any idea about your new project, some professional ideas can be to get from us.LOTOS design steel frames for doors and windows. Our design metal door frames can be used everywhere, from stores to penthouses, to be suitable to the respective area of use.

Door & Window Framing machines can be customized as per customer requirement based that Mostly known for its stability and superiority. LOTOSFORMING can be availed at the best competitive rates. A hollow Steel Door Frame can be used for both interior and exterior applications and these doors suitable for Commercial Metal Door Frames. Steel door frames or metal door frames are widely used in houses, apartments, and places where door operating conditions require better resistance.

Fire Rated Door Frame machine

These Fire Rated door frame forming machine can be changed as per customer want basing. We believe in offering the best quality to our clients with timely deliveries at the most competitive value.

Steel Door frames enable support and flexibility to the door. Different types of doors like sliding doors and glass doors and wooden doors can be made stronger with metal door fact, LOTOS  has high stability and advantage. hence, Our Machines can be availed at the best competitive price.

door frame machine

The punching also can be designed according to your requirement. for instance, after roll formed by Roll Forming Machine, the surface will be very smooth and pretty without any scrape on a surface. this Machine equipment consists of De-coiler and feed and leveling device and punching machine with holes punching molds and main roll forming machine and cutter and run-out table, etc.

window frame machine

Steel windows frame is made from bars of various profiles that are produced in roll-formed through pairs of rolls. the most commonly used materials for window frames are steel and aluminium.
Window Door frame Roll forming machine or window frame machine design to produce steel window or door frames.

window frame machine

Multi-Size Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Heavy Duty is specially designed to produce steel metal window or steel multi-size door frame that are solid and stable.

steel forming machine is suitable to form galvanized and CS Stainless steel and copper and so on. Most customers place orders for galvanized steel door frame machines and for residents and business construction areas usage of steel door frame is more popular.

Door frame manufacturing machines are able to form a multi-width profile base on a country standard from 120-250 MM door frame width. Steel frame machine drives by gearbox and electronic motor to make sure your thick hard material can form standard.

And roller installs on 80 mm diameter shaft for long time usage by various forming speed. steel Door Frames are custom make to your characteristics to suit various types of wall construction and door sizes.

There are no limitations to produce types of door frame roll forming machine.LOTOS can prepare all kind of this machine for door frame profile such as:

  • Square Bend Door Frame
  • Standard Deluxe Door Frame
  • Robe Door Frame
  • Metro Door Frame
  • Shadow Line Door Frame
  • Dry Wall Door Frame
  • Flush Finish Door Frame
  • Split Door Frame
  • Double Rebate Door Frame
  • Single Rebate Door Frame
  • Double Rebate Mullion/Transom Door Frame
  • Single Rebate Mullion/Transom Door Frame
steel door-frame-machine

Galvanized Lintel Door Frame Window machine

we produce a specialized range of lintel is including the traditional T-bar, c-bar, J-bar, and L-bar shelf beams machines, all designed for optimum support of brickwork above clear openings.
The innovative design of these products enables weight savings while maintaining structural rigidity and enhanced load-bearing capacity.

Galvanized Lintel Door Frame Window machine

Door Frame Forming Machine

“online puncher with Chain transmission”

  • Summary
MaterialGalvanized Coil, C.S galvanized steel galvanized steel
Material thickness1.0-1.5mm
Forming Speed10-12m/min
Maine power11 KW
Machine lengthabout 10 m
Production line G/W6.5T
Number of stations18
  • Main parts
1Manual decoiler
2Manual pre shearing
3Feeding guide
4Roll forming system
5punching machine
6Cutting unit
7Control system
8Out-put table
  • Working flow

Manual Decoiler— Feeding—Roll Forming—punching machine— Cutting —Output table

  • Technical data
Axis Diameter65mm
Forming Roller station18 Groups
Main Axis materialFirst grade 45# steel heated and quenched
Roller materialFirst grade 45# steel, Hard Chrome Coated,

heated and quenched

Forming Speed10-12 m/min
Drive Type1’’ Chain
Machine Frame standPilar station

Door Frame Bending Machine

Now days so many manufacturers around the world still making door frame with door frame bending machine for such believing that can bend different thickness of the sheet and produce various width door frame with the bending machine.

In fact, LOTOSFORMING working completely automatic with PLC control, even punching and stamping for lock whole and hinge position working automatically by PLC control for left hand and right hands doors.

To set the punching whole position on the iron door frame we have 2 different pages on roll forming machine PLC program for convenient and user-friendly manufacturing. But LOTOSFORMING is an experienced manufacturer in china design and manufacture multi-size door frame roll forming machine for 0.9 – 2.5 MM different steel.

The steel door frame manufacturing process takes 4 months from roll forming a design to machining and heat treatment welding structure surface machining for the door frame. So Door frame machine price starts from 20 K USD to 80k fact, it’s all about door frame machine quality and level of steel door frame manufactures.

LOTOSFORMING has already manufactured and installs more than 180 complete lines around the world successfully. For getting more knowledge about this machine watch video by this link:

steel door machine

In the construction field, one of the most important parts of the building is the doors. each apartment should well be furnished by a safe and strong main door, for safety and view. so many manufacturers are working on door production to support the most safe and beautiful doors. some of the main standards of the acceptable door are:

1: main cross door for each apartment should have a safety lock from inside that can make sure no matter what it won’t open by thieving from outside. The old design doors were just with a simple middle lock, that easily can break but now most of the doors are with side and top lock that not easily can break.

2: the standard door should be well joint with a frame that absorbed sound and dust and so on from out to in.

3: as we all know one of the safest spots in earth-quick is standing indoor frame.
So the door frame should be strong and stable.

iron door-frame
steel-forming machine
door-frame-machine price

Door frame producing process:
Up to wall thickness and country standard people using different door frames, but the latest standard and safe way of producing door frames is ROLL FORMING LINE.
Roll forming lines can produce door frames continuously and align.

Advantages using of door frame roll forming line are:
1: with one set of door frame forming machines can produce any type of frame with different widths and height.
2: Hing and lock spot will be easily punched during forming on the frame.
3: with roll forming machine can form several different thicknesses of steel and up to the usage of doors can make heavier or lighter doors.
So in the last generation of doors production, we highly recommended manufacture use a roll forming line to satisfy market demand.

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