Truck body panel making machine

Body Side panels machine

External Truck body Panels Roll Forming Machine

This External Truck body Panel roll forming machine is specifically designed for fabricating truck panels.
External Truck body Panels Roll Forming Machine is the application of wide-width plate forming. The truck body Side Panels product produced are not only beautiful in appearance but also highly automated, which is convenient for operators.

The Car body panels produced are not only beautiful in appearance, but also highly self-acting, which can facilitate the use of operators. The user can operate the equipment according to the operation method provided by the manufacturer to improve the efficiency of the equipment and develop the service life of the equipment.

External Truck body Panels Roll Forming Machine

Truck body Side Panels Roll Forming Machine

Summary of Truck Carriage Plate Roll Forming Machine

  • Material:500Mpa
  • Material Thickness: 1.0mm
  • Size:1250*2500mm
  • Forming speed: 10-15m/min

Main Parts of External Truck body Panel Machine

  • Manual Decoiler
  • Feeding Guide
  • Roll Forming System
  • Hydraulic stop Cutting
  • Control system

Working Flowing

Manual decoiler….Roll Forming machine….. hydraulic cutting unit…..Output table

 Roll Forming Machine

  • Roller groups 22 stations
  • Roller material GCR15, chrome coated with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
  • The Roller shaft dia. Φ90mm
  • Shaft material 45# Steel with quenching and tempering
  • Motor 11KW
  • Transmission way Chain
  • Machine frame body 500 H-beam
  • Roller stand Wall panel
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Roofing Sheet making Machine

Product Name: Roofing Sheet Making Machine

Product Description: Roof and wall roll forming machine

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