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in fact, LOTOS can provide you with a set of professional and perfect Fence Post roll Forming Machine. Installation and commissioning service. The Peach Shape Metal Wire Fencing Post Roll Forming Machine is robust, and will with proper care and maintenance perform at maximum capacity. The Peach Shape Post roll forming machine is a complete production line for the production of metal fencing Peach Post profiles with the punch edge or slotted holes for supporting on a metal fencing system. Fencing post make from light gauge steel thickness from 1.2-2.5mm. The fencing post and rail are basic elements of a fencing security system, widely use for garden,and school,and factory and so on.

Definitely, The fencing post rail roll forming machine is starting from the unwinding of metal coils, entry the notching device after feeding, and roll forming to size according to client’s design,and post-punching and cut to length by hydraulic cutting device then stack and packing.

Fence post machine


therefore,Peach post, as its name says, the outer shape is like to the peach. the claps part has a strong structure, which can prevent the peach post and fence panel from being stolen. The peach post  manufacture from galvanize steel coils or cold roll steel coils and make by cold roll forming machine into the peach post.
in brief,The out surface of the peach post is ovate, the inner sheet bent outwar after connecting to form U shape hooking part. Several notches are set along the two sides of the peach post for the convenient installation of a metal fence panel. usually, The notch sizes should base on the fence panel mesh size. Pitch Fence Post make of high-quality steel and finish with galvanization or PVC coating, which makes it waterproof and anti-rust.


Vineyard Post roll forming machine

in other words,for Installing of peach, post Fix one peach post on the ground. You can embed the peach post in the earth, concrete in or bolt down onto the concrete or other hard ground. It all depends on the specific applications. Install the one side of the fence panel to the peach post, then install the other side of the fence panel to another peach post, and Fix the peach post onto the ground. The fencing post roll forming machine use to produce peach shape fence posts. The main raw materials use to produce peach posts are galvanized steel coils and cold rolled steel coils with a thickness of 1mm to 4mm.


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