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Metal deck making machine

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Metal deck making machine

Generally, LOTOS steel deck manufacturers design ▷ Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine | Decking Machine 2022 ◁ for the production of various types of metal deck floor construction. Usually, The Metal deck making machine is optimized by a computer. Rolling machines for floor deck sheet metal We are specialized in designing and building various steel floor plate decking roll forming machines. likewise, The metal deck produced by this machine has high strength.

Steel Deck Roll Forming Machine

In short, Roof decking floor profiles are typically used as the structural component. The steel decking floor is a cold-formed steel sheet. Metal Decking use in roof and floor systems for supporting the concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. Its design and construction magnify the properties of the steel. It causes to create a high strength-to-weight ratio that lowers the material, handling, and erection costs. In addition to, Steel Floor decking roll forming machine This is the new type we engineer for decking machine, used for building surface panel. Metal Deck Roll Forming Machine is a modern, pre-eminent solution for concrete floor work.


Form deck Floor Decking Machine

Accordingly, Steel Deck Flooring has a uniform quality that has been an attractive look, especially with the use of the properly specified shop and field-applied coatings. Lastly, many benefits of steel deck floor such as strength, weight, economy, cost-effective building materials available, the structural strength of the steel deck, relative to its lightweight and shear strength, and versatility, recyclable content and, structural performance and ease of installation caused steel deck is ideal for building material for architects also building owners and engineers. However, The steel deck sheets are used for roofs and floors. they support gravity loads between the joists and beams. decking machine including uncoiler and, coil sheet equipment, roll forming system, post-cutting, hydraulic station, controlling system, supporter table.

So then, The designing of the metal deck forming machine is aided and optimized by a computer. The metal deck produced by this machine has high strength with a big wavelength.


B Deck Roll Forming Machine

Similarly, B metal roof decking also uses in more unusual configurations that may be sloped or curved. Steel decking products are the preferred method of floor construction for multi-story structural steel framed buildings and floor deck offers structural engineers and contractors a versatile and cost-effective composite steel flooring solution. really, decking machine this is the new type we engineer for Roof And B Floor Decking Roll Forming Lines, used for building surface panel. The advantages of metal deck roll forming machines are a high wave, high strength, high automation, and low cost.


Versa-Dek metal decking Machine

Versa-Dek metal decking is ideal for use in mid-rise residential structures. Dovetail system provides the thinnest total floor depth, reducing story height while maximizing ceiling height, with clear spans up to 28 ft. Versa-Floor is non-combustible and is fire-resistance rated up to four hours without protective coverings such as gypsum and spray-on materials.


Dovetail Decking Floor Roll Forming machine

Dovetail Decking Floors are one of the most versatile and practical products. You can get long spans with shallow floor depths that enable you to fit more into multi-story buildings. Dovetail Joint Floor Decking Rolling Forming Machine design to make the dovetail style Dovetail Floor Deck fully automatic.

Decking Machine

Metal Roof Decks are available in 1-1/2” Deep Type A (narrow rib), Type F (intermediate rib), Type B (wide rib), or 3” Deep Type N (Deep Rib).

Narrow Rib or Type A :

Type A or Narrow Rib Roof Deck is a 1 1/2″ deep, narrow rib, structural metal roof deck section that provides a wide support surface for various types of roofing materials, and thinner rigid insulation.

Wide Rib or Type B :

Type B or Wide Rib Roof Deck is a 1 1/2″ deep, wide rib, structural metal roof deck section that provides a support surface for various types of roofing materials, and 1” or thicker rigid insulation.

Intermediate Rib or Type F :

Type F or Intermediate Rib Roof Deck is a 1 1/2″ deep, intermediate rib metal roof deck that provides an economical roofing system of structural load carrying capacity and roofing insulation materials.

Deep Rib or Type N :

Type N or Deep Rib Roof Deck is a 3″ tall, deep rib metal roof deck, that is designed to provide an economical roofing support surface when longer spans are required between roofing supports.


Technical Proposal

  • Summary
  1. Material: Steel
  2. Material Thickness: 0.7-1.2mm
  3. Main roll forming machine Power: 15KW*2sets
  4. Motor: Siemens
  5. Forming Speed: 12-13m/min
  6. Machine size: 14000*1700*1500mm
  7. Machine weight: 15000KG
  • Main Parts
  1. 5T Hydraulic Decoiler with cart
  2. Hydraulic feeding table
  3. Hydraulic sheet pre-cutting unit
  4. Roll Forming System
  5. Hydraulic stop cutter
  6. Control system
  7. Output table


Steel Deck Manufacturers
Decoiler TypeHydraulic
Loading capacity5Ton


Hydraulic Feeder unitMovable with pneumatic up & down 


  • Roll Forming system with feed panel unit
Axis Diameter85 mm
Pre-cutting unitHydraulic way
Forming Roller station28 groups
Main Axis materialFirst grade 45# steel

heated and quenched

Roller materialFirst grade 45# steel,

Hard Chrome Coated,

heated and quenched

Roller StructureHeavy-duty casting pillar
Forming Speed12-13m/min
BearingJapan SKF
Drive TypeJapan CHOHO 1.5’’Chain
Machine Frame stand10mm steel welded structure
  • Cutting Device
Cutting typeHydraulic Cutter
Cutting system power7.5KW
Cutting length tolerance±0.05mm
  • Hydraulic Pump Station
Magnetic valveHUADE
Cooling systemWinding type
  • Electrical System
PLC systemDelta/Panasonic
Length ControllerKOYO
Touch ScreenDelta/Panasonic
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decking floor profiles

Product Name: Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Product Description: The steel flooring decking sheet is produced by the forming machine.

Brand: LOTOS

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