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Metal  ▷ Gutter Roll Forming Machine | Gutters and Downspouts 2O19 ◁ automatic working and controlled by Delta PLC control system, Our rich experience engineer can design and produce the K Style Gutters making machine according to your requirements, gutter samples or drawings. Wuxi LOTOS is one of professional rain gutter roll forming machine factory in Wuxi China. we can supply different kinds of roll forming machines for different types of rain gutter and a different size of Half Round Gutters also If you have yourself design, our engineer gives you a good suggestion.

A gutter system is created of various parts, and every piece is crucial to it working properly.
Rain Gutter:
A rain gutter or surface water collection channel is a component of a water discharge system for a building.
Gutter Guards :
Solid guards, which cover all of the gutter except for a narrow crack to let the water through, do work well.
End Caps gutter:
A gutter end cap is the fitting that attaches to and closes off the end of the gutter.

Gutter downspout:
A downspout is a pipe that runs vertically along the side of the home. It is connected at the top to a hole in the gutter channel.
Gutter Offsets:
Offsets are used to curve the downspout around obstructions and obstacles.
gutter Elbows :
Elbows are made from your conductor pipe in aluminum, steel or copper and there’s never damage to the protective coating.
Soffits and fascia :
Soffits and fascia are trim, flashing, or covers, for the eaves section of your roof.

Portable Gutter Machine

Gutter Systems

galvanize gutters forming machine

Rain Gutter Forming Machine

A rain gutter or surface water collection channel is a component of the water discharge system for a building. gutters and downspouts are an integral part of your home’s exterior. Gutters can also be made from galvanized steel and stainless steel. Installed and used properly, they direct and channel water away from the roof and home’s edge, preventing leaks. We have different types of Metal rain gutter roll forming Machines to fit into different requirements of each building such as :

  1. K Style Gutters making machine

  2. Fascia Gutters roll forming machine

  3. Half Round Gutters production line

  4. European Gutter forming machine

  5. Rain gutter making machine


Downspout Roll Forming Machine

we are specialized manufacturers Downspout Machine, Downspout Roll Forming Machine, Water Gutter Metal Sheet Forming Machine. automatic round water down pipe machine or water downspout roll forming machine are used to provide the water system for buildings. gutter downspouts are vertical pipes that are used to divert rainwater away from a building’s foundation.

LOTOSFORMING have the following styles of downspouts machines to choose from:

  1. Rectangular Downspouts forming machine

  2. Plain Round Downspouts forming machine

  3. Round Corrugated Downspouts forming machine
  4. Spiral Downspouts forming machine


Down pipe roll forming machine

in the same way, A downspout is a pipe that runs vertically along the side of the home. It is connected at the top to a hole in the gutter channel. The other end bends outward and usually sits several inches above the ground. This allows the water to flow away from the home as it exits the pipe. A gutter is a channel installed at or just below the roofline at the edges of the home where the roof slopes downward. It is usually made of vinyl or aluminum or copper also, stainless steel. around rain gutter has a slight downward pitch toward the corners of the home, encouraging rainwater or snowmelt to flow “downhill” through the gutters and into the downspouts.

Rain Water Gutter Roll Forming Making
Downspout Water Gutter Rolling Forming Machine
Half-round Gutter Roll Former
Round Rainspout

K-Shape Gutter Roll Forming Machine

1)Production working flow

Manual decoiler→Guide Feeding→roll forming machine→cut to length →output table


2)Machine design capacity

  1. Raw material thickness: 0.6-0.8mm
  2. Input material width: 280mm(will be confirmed after the final drawing)
  3. Suitable raw material: Mg-Al, PPGI
  4. Production line working speed: 8-12m/min
  5. Working area: about L75,000*W850mm*H1,000mm
  6. Machine weight: about 6,000kgs


 3)Machine components

This production line will be combined with manual decoiler, feeding table, roll forming machine part, hydraulic cutting unit, output table, hydraulic oil pump, and electrical control cabinet and so on.


4) Reference product drawing

K-Shape Gutter Roll Forming Machine

5)Each part technical parameter

1. Automatic hydraulic decoiler
1.1Loading capacity3T
1.2Steel coil I.D.φ480-φ520mm
1.3Steel coil O.Dmax φ1800mm
1.4Cantilever width400mm
2. Roll Forming Machine
Roller groups18 stations
Roller material45# Steel with heat treatment, HRC58-62°

With 0.05mm Chrome coating

Roller shaft dia.Φ65mm
Shaft material45# Steel
Transmission wayChain
Machine frame body350H beam welded structure
Roller supporterWall structure
Roller bearingHRB
3. Hydraulic cutting unit
Cutting wayHydraulic Stop cutting
Length measureJapan Omron Encoder
Cutting dieCr12 with quenching treatment
Die unitUp 1 blade, down 2 blades
4. Hydraulic Pump Station
Motor power3KW
5. Electricity control cabinet
Frequency inverterDELTA
Screen touch screenDELTA
Low voltageSchneider

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Product Name: Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Product Description: A rain gutter, eavestrough or surface water collection channel.

Brand: LOTOS

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