Greenhouse Film Lock Channel Making Machine

Greenhouse wiggle wire and lock channel is a fast and safe method to install your polyethylene plastic in your greenhouse. Poly Lock Channel and Spring Wirework together to create the best and fast greenhouse film lock method.

Simply install the Poly Lock Channel and wiggle the wire back and forth over the top of the material you are installing and into the channel. Galvanized steel Wire Lock use to fastening poly film or shade cloth to your greenhouse. It is an aluminum base channel.


Greenhouse Channel Machine

A variety of profiles and metal structures used in the greenhouse industry. which day by day with the development of the greenhouse industry. new structures with new and more efficient designs enter the market that can have better characteristics. At the same time, fewer materials for production Need.

  • U-profiles or C-profiles by changing the edges of the profiles to create columns or joints.
  • H profiles or m profile, which is actually a combination of channel locking profile with profile C, this profile can be used by screwing profile C on the locking profile.
  • Locking profiles use to connect plastics to the body using springs.

Lotos company has specialized in all fields of greenhouse structures and has the ability to design and produce all of them.


Greenhouse Channel Roll Forming Machine

  • Summary
MaterialGalvanized Coil, Black steel
Material thickness2-3 mm
Forming Speed0-8 m/min
Maine power11 KW
Working areaabout L14,000*W1,200mm
Input material widthMaximum 35mm
Number of stations10-12
  • Main parts
1Manual decoiler
3Feeding guide
4Punch machine
5Roll forming
6Cutting unit
7Control system
8Output table
  • Working flow

Manual decoiler→7-roller leveling→feeding→ hydraulic punch machine (4 holes per time) →roll forming machine→cut to length→output table

Greenhouse Channel Machine
Greenhouse Locking Channel Roll Forming Machine
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