Poultry Layer Cage frame roll forming machine

Poultry Layer Cage machine: Galvanized steel use in the cage. The fodder feeding system is fully automatic.
Feeders specially design to distribute the feed in equal quantities in the cage systems and to prevent the feed from overflowing the feeder.

The poultry Layer Cage roll forming machine combines Coil sheet, Leveling, punching machine, into roll Forming Machine, roll forming system, PLC-controlled hydraulic automatic cut off, output, and finished products. Poultry Farm Layer Chicken Cages Line is used for feeding cage sections.

Layer Chicken Cage frame machine

You can operate it intensively and automatically in the automatic poultry management system, which also makes the layer feeding system, drinking system, poultry manure removal system, egg collection system coming into an automatic era, and improving manpower and saving labor costs greatly.

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Product Name: Poultry Farm Layer Chicken Cages

Product Description: Poultry Farm Layer Chicken Cages

Brand: LOTOS

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