Press & Punching System in roll forming machine

Press Punching In Roll Forming Line: Roll forming a metal fabrication process that involves the bending of metal strips to create a specified shape or design. however, there are several components that Let in this happen.
it’s necessary, You should know exactly how your roll formed part is made.

A punch press is a type of machine that makes cut holes in the sheet material.
the punching systems in the roll forming machine specially design into the sheet metal, suit to the budget amount and the speed required.
A press machine is any device that uses pressure to make or change metal materials. Roll Forming Services with Pre-Notching, Pre-Punching.These roll forming operations are all done Inline with presses during the production of the Roll Formed Sections on a roll forming machine.

Most Popular Press & Punch

Punching Tools setup

Pre-Punch vs post punch in roll forming machine

Pre-Punch dies use between the entry side of the Roll Forming machine and the decoiler.
Before the metal is fed through the roll forming line, it may pass through one or more punch presses.
pre-press punching allows operators to punch holes, notches, and slots in any number of uniform patterns Depending on the customer’s project specifications.

Cutoff dies, and Post-Punch dies, are used on the finish sections, the exit side of the Roll Forming Machine.

press punching machine
Pressing & Hole Punching In Roll Forming Line

Hydraulic vs Mechanical Presses in roll forming machine

Press Punching In Roll Forming Line: There are two main types of presses available today; hydraulic and mechanical. Both types of presses are used to work with materials. Hydraulic presses use water to move pumps and cylinders. Mechanical presses use mechanical parts to complete their work.

The mechanical press is faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient. Hydraulic presses are more flexible, and programmable movements increase their accuracy.

There are two types of mechanical punch presses: full revolution and part revolution

Moreover, the pressing machine plays a necessary role in the roll forming machine. press punching machine makes in holes, notches punching, and cutting-off in the sheet metal fabrication process.
The pressing machines classified into Hydraulic Presses and Mechanical Presses that used them depend on the roll-formed parts manufacturing process. SO, we use the branded machine(Yangli press machine) to ensure that the equipment works perfectly.

Press Punching In Roll Forming Line
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