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Roller leveling is a bending process. The out of the flat part, sheet, or plate is deformed by a series of alternating bends. These alternating bends make by passing the part, sheet, or plate between upper and lower sets of leveling rollers. The leveling rollers are offset by half of the roller pitch in the direction of the traveling material.

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decoiler use to hold and safely pay off or uncoil the steel strip. Coiler controls the speed and direction of the strip of metal and is sent to the line for processing, such as slitting or tube mill entry also roll forming entry. Decoiling is the action of unwinding a parent coil, making it flat, and cutting it into sheets.

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Forming Roller parts

Roll forming machine work continues by special roll design on amount of stand. All stand drives together and will roll material with the same speed. roll forming technology came for easier and faster processing on sheet metal to precise demanded profile. each stand of tooling will make small forming on material and pass it to the next stand. as result, we will have the required profile shape.

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What are the main components of a roll forming machine?

Roll Forming Machine Components: Roll forming machines, for the most part, work in a continuous cycle. The material is fed into the machine where it continuously makes its way through the stages of each operation, ending with the completion of a final product.

Roll forming line basic parts including:

What are the main components of a roll forming machine

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