Process Engineering/Design, product analysis:

Roll forming technology: At LOTOS we firmly believe that the good initial design of the end product is essential in creating fast, flexible, and highly reliable production systems.
our engineering staff works hard so that the design and functionality of the end product precisely define and optimize.

Process Engineering

Dies and equipment

The quality of your product connects with the quality of the tools use. This is true for the rollers and also for the sheet metal pressing equipment. We use top-quality materials to guarantee the long life of the dies and obtain standard components

Roll forming rollers and equipment

Roll forming technology: top-quality design and engineering, materials, and machining. All the roll forming equipment and tools that LOTOS installs on its roll formers makde in-house.
this allows us to have complete control over the entire production cycle, from the purchase of the raw material with a selection of the best European steels to the cutting, roughening, heat treatment, and finish.


Number of Passes Roll forming machine

in fact, One of the most frequently ask questions in the roll forming industry is the number of passes required to form a section. so, The required number of passes is influenced by many factors including competitive pricing.

Factors Influencing the Number of Passes
some factors include the following:

  • Material Thickness
  • Continuity of the Strip
  • Holes and Notches
  • Straight or “Free-Flow” Pass Line
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