Omega Silo Post Roll forming Machine

Silo Post forming Machine. in fact, Silos are structures made of steel use as storage facilities for grains and other bulk foods. however, this silo stiffener roll forming machine design to manufacture stiffeners. that use to reinforce silos to keep them safe. Moreover, The stiffeners for small-diameter silos interconnect through overlapping joints. so, while stiffeners large and high silos interconnect through the butt joint and then fasten with the connecting plate.

also, The exterior “W stiffener” is stronger than the closest competing stiffener. Designed to support the vertical load, the unique “W staggered stiffener” system provides supplemental strength.

silo post roll forming machine lotos
Grain Bin Stiffener Roll forming Lines

Stiffener silo column machine


Steel silo structure divides into six basic parts including:

attachments above silo, and silo roof, and silo wall, and silo bottom, and supporting structure of silo bottom, and foundation.

  1. 5-ton manual Decoiler
  2. Feeding Guide
  3. pre-punch
  4. Roll Forming System(forming machine with 24 stations of the roller, and casting pillar with gearbox transmission, and welded structure with surface milling, and motor 15 kW * 2pcs ).
  5. Hydraulic stop Cutting die
  6. Mitsubishi Control system

Grain Bin Stiffener Roll forming Lines

Above all, The production line can serve the automatic production of all the columns. the max forming thickness of the plate can achieve at 10-16 mm. The service of this stiffener post-column roll forming machine can improve the production efficiency and the product quality of Omega Silo Post.

In conclusion, LOTOS offer the roll forming machine design according to customer requirement. actually, the Whole production line with full automatic PLC control.

Omega Silo Post Roll forming Machine
Silo Post Roll forming Machine
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Silo Grain Stifferner Leg Stand Roll Forming Machine

Product Name: Stiffener silo column

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