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Rack Roll Forming Machine

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Racking System Machine

A racking system is a fundamental component of warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities, providing efficient organization and maximization of available space. Roll forming machines play a vital role in the manufacturing process of various parts and components used in racking systems. Here’s a comprehensive description of the key parts produced by roll forming machines for racking systems:

Uprights/Vertical Frames: Uprights, also known as vertical frames or columns, are the vertical supports that form the backbone of a racking system. Roll forming machines produce uprights by shaping flat metal strips into the required profile. Typically, these profiles feature a series of punched or slotted holes for adjustable beam placement. The machines ensure precise dimensions and consistent quality to meet load-bearing requirements.

Beams/Horizontal Supports: Beams, also referred to as horizontal supports or crossbars, are horizontal members that connect to the uprights to create shelf levels within the racking system. Roll forming machines fabricate beams by forming metal strips into a box beam or channel profile. They incorporate various reinforcement features for strength and stability. Moreover, the machines enable customization of beam length, depth, and load capacity to accommodate specific storage needs.

Wire Mesh Decks/Shelves: Wire mesh decks or shelves provide a versatile and durable surface for storing goods and materials in racking systems. Roll forming machines manufacture wire mesh decks by forming and welding wire mesh panels onto support channels or frames. They ensure precise dimensions and consistent weld quality to deliver sturdy and reliable decking solutions for various applications.

Pallet Supports: Pallet supports are horizontal bars or beams installed between beams to provide additional support and prevent pallets from sagging or falling through the gaps. Roll forming machines fabricate pallet supports by shaping metal strips into channel or C-shaped profiles. They incorporate features such as flanges or lips to secure pallets in place. Moreover, the machines ensure uniform dimensions and consistent quality to enhance pallet stability and load distribution.

Overall, roll forming machines play a crucial role in the production of various parts and components for racking systems. They offer efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions to meet the diverse storage needs of industries worldwide. With their capability to produce precise and reliable components, these machines contribute to the construction of robust and functional racking systems that optimize space utilization and streamline warehouse operations.


Racking System Step Beam Roll Forming Machine

Pallet racking roll forming machine is widely used in producing upright frames, box beams, and step beams. Our roll forming machine could make a wide range of sizes using a cantilever type structure and automatically change by motors from one size to the other size at width and height.

in brief, the step beam shelving roll forming machine also usually called step beam roll forming machine consists of decoiler, and feeding guide, and roll forming machine, and output table, main drive, cutting, welding device, and PLC control system. The products made by Beams roll forming machines use as racks and shelves for supporting the daily commodities in supermarkets, and shops, and factory warehouses.

cross beam Roll Forming Machine

step beam Also known as crossbeams, these heavy-duty steel rails connect to the teardrop uprights to form a secure level of pallet storage. Crossbeams must always be used in pairs. Manufactured according to the standards set forth by the RMI.LOTOS produces a full range of rack roll forming machines, rack upright forming machine, step beams roll forming machine AND crossbeams ROLL FORMING MACHINE AND SO ON.

Box Beam Roll Forming Machine

  • Production working flow

Manual decoiler→leveling—>Mechnical Press Machine with Punch DIE→roll forming machine→shape cutting→output table

  • Machine design capacity
  1. Raw material thickness: 1-2 mm
  2. Raw material yield limit: C.S, galvanized steel
  3. working speed without punching: 15-20m/min
  4. Working area: about L12,000*W1,200mm*H1,200mm
  5. Machine G.W: 15,000KGS
  • Machine components

This production line will be combined with a manual decoiler, leveling system, mechanical press machine with punch die, roll forming machine part, output table, hydraulic pump station and electrical control cabinet, and so on.

  • Each part technical parameter
1. Manual decoiler
1.1Loading capacity5T
1.2Steel coil I.D.φ480-φ508mm
1.3Steel coil O.Dmax φ1800mm
1.4Cantilever width500mm
2. Leveling Sytem
2.1Roller number7 pcs
3. Mechanical Press Machine
3.1Puncher machineYANGLI
3.2Press powerMechanical 80T
3.3Punch Die MaterialGcr12, heat treatment, Hardness 58-62°
3.4Puncher die1 set
4. Roll Forming Machine
4.1Roller groups15 stations
4.2Roller materialGCr15 with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
4.3Roller shaft dia.Φ80mm
4.4Shaft material45# with quenching and tempering
4.6Transmission wayGear box ( Chain available)
4.7Machine frame body8mm Welded plated, Stress-Relieving
4.8Roller supporternodular iron casting pillar
4.9Roller bearingHRB, 30213
5. Hydraulic Pump Station
5.1Motor power4KW
5.2Cooling wayFan wind
6. Electricity control cabinet
6.1Frequency inverterDELTA
6.3Screen touch screenDELTA
6.5Low voltageSchneider
7. Cutting precision
7.1Cutting length±1.0mm
7.2Vertical Tolerance±1.5mm
7.3Horizontal tolerance±1.5mm

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