How to choose a roll former ?

Transmission of Roll Forming Equipment

Transmission roll forming machine: How to choose a roll forming machine?

When you decide to purchase buy a roll forming machine, you need to keep an eye on the transmission applied. The common transmission methods for roll forming equipment are as following:

  • Chain transmission
  • Gearbox transmission
  • Coupling Gearbox and Universal Joint-shafts

we offer Transmission methods for the roll forming equipment according to technical needs or clients’ fact, Chain transmission is a cost-effective transmission method.

In a  roll forming machine equipment, suppliers offer to apply chain transmission for producing thin metal sheets (less than 3mm) at a normal speed.

like corrugated sheet roll forming machine, roofing sheet roll forming machine and stud and track roll forming machine, and ceiling channel forming machine. But the shaft adjustability is very limit and the speed is very slow.

It does not require a clean working environment, even dust won’t stop its working! The weak point is that long-time running will cause wear and tear.

Besides, the chain-sprockets transmission method is not suitable for high-precision or accuracy applications because it doesn’t play well in controlling the tolerance of cutting length.

What Transmission Is Applied On Your Roll Forming machine?

Gearbox and universal joint shafts are strong and heavy and this transmission method costs much more than chain transmission.

if materials over 3mm thickness or machine working at a speed over 20m/min, gearboxes and universal joint shafts will be mounted, like a highway guardrail roll forming machine and purlin roll forming machine and door frame machine.

Gearbox and universal joint shafts This type of transmission can provide big power to roll formers so that the roll formers could work stable and ensure the precision or accuracy of the final roll-formed products.

Chain Transmission

Roll Forming Transmission

Gear box transmission

Roll Forming Transmission

Gear Drives roll forming machine

Gears drive mechanical transmission elements use to transfer motion and power between machine components. Operating in mated pairs, gears mesh their teeth with the teeth of another corresponding gear or toothed component which prevents slippage during the transmission process. Each gear or toothed component attaches to a machine shaft or base component, therefore when the driving gear rotates along with its shaft component, the driving gear rotates or translates its shaft component. Depending on the design and construction of the gear pair, the transference of motion between the driving shaft and the driven shaft can result in a change of the direction of rotation or movement.

Gear Drives

Roll Forming Transmission

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