TIG Pipe Welding Machine

as you know, the Welded steel pipe is one pipe the surface has the steel pipe joint, which uses the steel belt or steel plate material through the bending deformation into a round then welded into shape. so, the welded pipe roll forming machine is mainly used for the production of Stainless Steel tube or carbon Steel pipes with the heavy thickness that used in decoration, furniture, handrail, outdoor decoration, household.

Many things that we use such as furniture tubing, oil pipe, and fuel lines, are made on the welding pipe.in fact, The welded roll-formed pipe has structural strength, and its good for offer savings in steel and construction labor.

Round Pipe Roll Forming Machine

Round pipe roll forming machine is the special equipment for continuous rolling and cold-forming on steel sheet. Welded pipe manufacture by a rolling metal sheet and then welding it across its length.This welded pipe production line will be combined with hydraulic decoiler leveling system,  hydraulic puncher station with punch die, roll forming machine part, hydraulic cutting saw unit, output table, hydraulic oil pump, and electrical control cabinet and so on.

There are the following stages in a step by step procedure of welded pipe roll forming machine:




ARC welded




Plasma Cutting


TIG pipe welding roll forming machine

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) or TIG Welding, is a joining process used on stainless steel. An arc welding process or TIG welding stainless steel a tungsten electrode heats the metal you are welding and Argon gas protects the weld puddle from airborne contaminants.
Round Tube Tig welding line with plasma cutting, thickness 3.0mm,tube diameter is φ160mm.

Welded tube Pipe Production Line

Production working flow

Hydraulic decoiler→leveling unit—>Hydraulic Punch Station(2sets of punch die)—>Roll Forming machine→Servo tracking cutting saw→automatic output table


Machine design capacity

  1. Raw material thickness: 3.0mm
  2. Input material width: about 416mm
  3. Raw material yield limit: S-355
  4. working speed with welding: 2-5m/min
  5. Working area: about L20,000*W1,80mm*H1,700mm
  6. Overhead crane capacity: ≥10T

Each part technical parameter

1. Decoiler + Hydraulic Feeding table
1.1Loading capacity7T
1.2Steel coil I.D.φ480-φ508mm
1.3Steel coil O.Dmax φ1800mm
1.4Cantilever width600mm
2. Leveling unit
2.1Roller number7 roller clamp material feeding;
2.2Roller dia.Φ90mm, heating treatment, hardness HRC48º~52º
2.3Frequency motor7.5kw
2.4Leveling speed1-15m/min
2.4Roller materialGr15
3. Hydraulic Puncher Unit
3.1Cutting blade materialGr12MoV
3.2hole puncher unitWith die 2sets
4. Roll Forming Machine
4.1Roller groups17 stations
4.2Roller materialGCr15 with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
4.3Roller shaft dia.Φ90mm
4.4Shaft material40Cr with quenching and tempering
4.5Motor22KW,Siemens Brand
4.6Transmission wayGY230# independent Gear box
4.7Machine frame body10mm Welded plated, Stress-Relieving
4.8Roller supporternodular iron casting pillar
4.9Roller bearingHRB, 30213
4.10Argon Welder600A
6. Hydraulic Pump Station for mail machine
6.1Motor power11 KW
6.2Cooling wayFan wind
7. Servo tracking cutting saw unit
7.1Servo motorDelta
8. Electricity control cabinet
8.1Frequency inverterDELTA
8.3Screen touch screenDELTA
8.5Low voltageDELTA
9. Cutting precision
9.1Cutting length±1.0mm
9.2Finished productFlag beam height ±1mm

Web width ±1mm

9.3Vertical Tolerance±1.5mm
9.4Horizontal tolerance±1.5mm

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