Types of welding process in the roll forming machine:

Welding Process in roll forming machine: Welded profile applications increasing over the last 10 to 15 years, driven mainly by the automotive industry.

though many welding technologies use on tube and pipe mills, three have come to the front:

1.tungsten inert gas (TIG) such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW)

2. laser beam welding (LBW)

3.high-frequency induction (HFI) such as resistance seam welding (RSEW-I).

These Welded technologies can divide into two groups, fusion welding and forge welding. GTAW and laser are fusion welding technologies and HFI is a forge welding technology.

What is Roll Forming and Roll Forming Process?

Fusion Welding Process:

A fusion welding process in roll forming machine is a generic term for welding processes that rely on melting to join materials of similar compositions and melting points.

GTAW generates an electric arc between a non-consumable tungsten electrode and the workpiece to produce the weld. The weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by a shielding gas, either a single gas or a mixture of gases. GTAW sometimes call a “collapse” melting method, which implies that the weld puddle collapses back on itself as it solidifies. Because of this, the effect of gravity is a concern for two reasons.

Laser beam welding (LBW): it provides a concentrated heat source, allowing for narrow, deep welds and relatively high welding rates. Like GTAW, LBW is a fusion process. The three main components in a laser system are the beam generator, the beam delivery system, and the focusing optics.

Forge Welding Process:

Forge welding uses heat and a hammering or pressing process to make the joint.

HFI welding uses the same principles as induction heating. It is the process of heating an electrically conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, where eddy currents are generated within the metal and electrical resistance to this current flow leads to heating of the metal.

Welding Process in roll forming machine
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