How does roll forming work?

Roll forming is a flexible process, where both the basic rules and the exceptions can employ. It proved several times that even apparently impossible roll-forming tasks can do. On other hand, it has also shown that plans to roll form simple shapes can create heinous results if the basic rules of roll forming are not followed.

What is roll forming process?

Roll Forming Basic Requirements

Satisfying Customers:

Roll-formed products sale to customers in a very competitive market. Customers are always looking for manufacturers who can frequently meet their basic requirements.
They are expecting to receive:

  • The right quality
  • right quantity of products
  • At the right time
  • For the right price

Companies not able to supply the right quality and quantity, at the Specified time for the right price will lose their customers. To successfully meet the demands and outperform the competitors, manufacturing plants must have:

  • Good product drawings to be manufactured
  • Sufficient run quantities
  • correct material to be formed
  • suitable equipment
  • Good tooling
  • A knowledgeable, motivated workforce

What is a Roll Forming machine?

Raw material decoiler, tooling machine with the amount of alignment stand and roller, cutting and the punching unit, that together we call roll forming machine. Roll forming is a continuous bending process during which the thin sheet of metal successively passes through a set of rolls that incrementally bend it until the desire cross-section obtain.


Why Roll Form Products?

Reducing Manufacturing Cost:
Products manufactured with roll forming lines usually cost less than those made by other methods.
Incorporating other operations in the line, such as punching, notching, embossing, welding, adhesive
bonding, painting, packaging, and others can further reduce the total manufacturing cost.

Additional Manufacturing Capacity:
usually, roll forming is the most economical method to manufacture the increased production volume. The purchase of a roll forming line can frequently be justified with the reduction of labor and material cost, together with the elimination of the need for investment for additional press brakes, punches, press, or similar equipment

Introducing New Products:
For some new products, the only practical manufacturing technology is roll forming. For other products, alternative methods such as press brake or punch press forming or extrusion are available, but the product volume is high enough to justify roll forming.

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