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Cable tray roll forming machine

SO, Lotosforming Roll forming machine manufacturers has long experience on different cable tray roll forming machine, with different punching design. Therefore, Nowadays in different industry manufactures, inquiry different size of cable tray.

  • Raw material thickness: 0.7-2.0mm
  • Material: Galvanized, Carbon Steel, HR coils
  • Input material width: depends on cable tray size
  • Raw material yield limit: 245MPA
  • Production line working speed: 6-8m/min
  • Working area: about L40,000*W4,000mm
  • Machine components

Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine

in sum, LOTOSFORMING has already manufactures and installs more than 100 complete lines of STORAGE RACK ROLL FORMING MACHINE around the world successfully.

  • Raw material thickness: 2.5mm
  • Input material width: 160mm
  • Raw material yield limit: C.S, galvanized steel
  • working speed without punching: 15-20m/min
  • Working area: about L6,000*W600mm*H1,200mm
  • Machine G.W: 15,000KGS

Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

LOTOS is  A professional ROll FOrming MAchine MAnufacturer in china of Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine. additionally, in China, High-Speed door shutter making machines of the best quality.

  • Material: Galvanized Coil, Aluminum
  • Thickness: 0.3-0.5mm
  • Main roll forming machine Power: 7.5 KW
  • Forming Speed: 10-12m/min
  • Feeding width: 229mm
  • Production line N/W: about 8T
  • Production line length: about 38m

Ceiling channel roll forming machine

LOTOS ROll FOrming MAchine Manufacturers for Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine produces Impeccable profiles and connectors. including:

  • 3T manual decoiler
  • 14 stations of rollers, shaft φ65mm;
  • Roller material: GCR15, shaft material: 45# steel
  • Main motor: 5,5KW, K-series motor
  • Machine driveway: chain, Japan COHO
  •  Cutting way: hydraulic servo tracking way, servo motor/2KW
  •  Line speed ≥35m/min

Roll Forming Machine For Sale

however, LOTOSFORMING is a professional ▷▷ ROll FOrming MAchine Manufacturers | Best Design 2021 in china. LOTOS produces any type of roll forming system. Hereby, we may introduce some machines to you as below:

(1) Purlin Roll Forming Machine including C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine and U Purlin Roll Forming Machine also W Purlin Roll Forming Machine. Purlin Roll Forming Machine has improved in LOTOS Roll Forming Manufactures these years to auto-change and heavy-duty forming lines.

(2) Channel Profile Roll Forming Machine including Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine, Unistrut Channel Roll Forming Machine, and Solar Panel Roll Forming Machine and storage rack Roll Forming Machine also custom channel metal Roll Forming Machine.

(3) Garage Doors Shutter and Profile including Garage Door Roll Forming Machine and shutter slat making Machine, sectional door Roll Forming Machine, and PU Foam Roll Forming Machine also automatically rolling up and down your doors. furthermore LOTOSFORMING always available to calculate and design a suitable Roll Forming Machine for you.

(4) Inside door and window profile like fireproof window and door profile Roll Forming Machine, anti-thief door frame Roll Forming Machine, and so on.

roll forming roller design

Roll forming machine

(5) Sheet panel Roll Forming Machine for instance: glazed tile Roll Forming Machine, deck floor Roll Forming Machine, flashing and gutter Roll Forming Machine, and Double Layer Roll Forming Machine for corrugated and wall panel.

(6) Sheet metal Processing for example steel cut to length line in various steel coil width and thickness. in fact, Steel slitting line at a different speed and slitting line specifications.

likewise, We also produce portable roll forming machines for convenient customer panel production: Nowadays, in the world, for reducing cost and time, customer search for portable metal roof roll forming machine for sale. To produce a metal deck or roof/wall panel on construction land. Meanwhile, LOTOS design and produce small roll forming machine for users with limited space.

to tell the truth, LOTOSFORMING is the leading roll forming industry in China for design roller and roll forming machines for other cooperators. We may build up the future altogether. Two basic types of roll forming systems are utilized: a pre-cut line and a post-cut line. certainly, a pre-cut line snips the incoming material to a specific length prior to roll forming. also, During post cut line operation, the roll-formed panel runs continuously after roll forming.

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Roll forming machine manufacturers

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Professional Roll Forming Machines Manufacturer

so that, We know your concerns and answer all your questions about roll forming machines. You can get the answers to these questions in full detail on our YouTube channel. Or refer to the pages related to each of them on our site and get the best answers. In order to provide our clients with satisfactory roll forming machines, please send the basic information to us by email or WhatsApp.

  1. Do you have any drawings of the roll-formed profile or product? please sending an email to or WhatsApp to 008618914131008 number.
  2. Do you need any punching on the roll forming line? please tell us punching hole drawings.
  3. Other detailed requirements in roll forming machine manufacturing.

important to realize, we will reply as soon as possible to provide a great roll forming solution.


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