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Cable tray roll forming machine

SO,Lotosforming roll forming manufacturer has long experience on different cable tray roll forming machine, with different punching design. Therefore, Nowadays in different industry manufactures, inquiry different size of cable tray.

  • Raw material thickness: 0.7-2.0mm
  • Material: Galvanized, Carbon Steel, HR coils
  • Input material width: depends on cable tray size
  • Raw material yield limit: 245MPA
  • Production line working speed: 6-8m/min
  • Working area: about L40,000*W4,000mm
  • Machine components

Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine

LOTOSFORMING has already manufactures and installs more than 100 complete lines of STORAGE RACK ROLL FORMING MACHINE around the world successfully.

  • Raw material thickness: 2.5mm
  • Input material width: 160mm
  • Raw material yield limit: C.S, galvanized steel
  • working speed without punching: 15-20m/min
  • Working area: about L6,000*W600mm*H1,200mm
  • Machine G.W: 15,000KGS

Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

LOTOS is  A professional ROll FOrming MAchine MAnufacturer of Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine. additionally, in China, High-Speed door shutter making machines of the best quality.

  • Material: Galvanized Coil, Aluminum
  • Thickness: 0.3-0.5mm
  • Main roll forming machine Power: 7.5 KW
  • Forming Speed: 10-12m/min
  • Feeding width: 229mm
  • Production line N/W: about 8T
  • Production line length: about 38m

Ceiling channel roll forming machine

LOTOS ROll FOrming MAchine MAnufacturer for Ceiling Channel Roll Forming Machine produces Impeccable profiles and connectors.

  • 3T manual decoiler
  • 14 stations of rollers, shaft φ65mm;
  • Roller material: GCR15, shaft material: 45# steel
  • Main motor: 5,5KW, K-series motor
  • Machine driveway: chain, Japan CHOHO
  •  Cutting way: hydraulic servo tracking way, servo motor/2KW
  •  Line speed ≥35m/min

 Roll forming machine manufacturers in China

LOTOSFORMING ROll FOrming MAchine MAnufacturer in China  (Roll Forming MachineWUXI LOTOS ROLL FORMING MACHINERY LTD) has passed the 15-year experience on producing Sheet Metal Roll Forming Machine informing industry. this company based on experienced engineers’ ability and performance, each year designed and build more than 100 new metal roll forming systems.

Roll forming is a high-volume process of producing profiles by stable cross-section with high dimensional precision. The process parameters play a major role in the quality of the final roll formed product. The optimal configuration of roll forming process parameters, such as the operational line speed, the inter-distance between roll stations, the roll gap, and the diameter of the rolls, can influence the tooling and product designs as well as the product quality.

LOTOS knows how the roll forming machine works, and according to the customer’s profile drawing. we offer a solution by rolling machinery to reach customer’s roll forming machines advantages and replace from old manufacturing method. To reduce cost also saving time and energy, to form profile continuously.

Roll Forming Machine Design

So, we suggest you visit Firstly Roll forming machine manufacturer in Germany, India, Italy, Spain, U.K, and then travel to China to see ROll FOrming MAchine MAnufacturer in China. At last, come to LOTOSFORMING ROll FOrming MAchine MAnufacturer in Wuxi City China. To compare quality and delivery time and Roll Forming Machine Price.

The roll forming designer should use the following steps:

  • create a cross-sectional drawing.
  • Calculate the Estimated Strip Width.
  • Produce Bend progress or “Flower pattern”.
  • design the Roll Forming Tooling.
  • Incorporate fixtures, guides, side rolls, and make devices where applicable.
  • After the cross-section has been ended, and before the rolls can be designed, the proper number of passes and rolling mills must be determined.
Roll forming components :

The basic roll forming machine has a line that can separate into four main parts. The first part where the material is loaded is the entry section. The material is usually fed from a continuous coil. In the next section, the station rollers where the actual roll forming takes place is where the metal shapes as it makes its way through the process. Station rollers not only shape the metal but are the main driving force of the machine.

Roll Forming Machine For Sale

however, LOTOSFORMING is a professional roll forming machine manufacturers in china. LOTOS produces any type of roll forming system. Hereby, we may introduce some machines to you as below:

(1) Purlin Roll Forming Machine including C/Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine and U Purlin Roll Forming Machine also W Purlin Roll Forming Machine. Purlin Roll Forming Machine has improved in LOTOS Roll Forming Manufactures these years to auto-change and heavy-duty forming lines.

(2) Channel Profile Roll Forming Machine including Steel Stud Roll Forming Machine, Unistrut Channel Roll Forming Machine, and Solar Panel Roll Forming Machine and storage rack Roll Forming Machine also custom channel metal Roll Forming Machine.

Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

(3) Garage Doors Shutter and Profile including Garage Door Roll Forming Machine and shutter slat making Machine, sectional door Roll Forming Machine, and PU Foam Roll Forming Machine also automatically rolling up and down your doors. furthermore LOTOSFORMING always available to calculate and design suitable Roll Forming Machine for you.

(4) Inside door and window profile like fireproof window and door profile Roll Forming Machine, anti-thief door frame Roll Forming Machine, and so on.

roll forming roller design

Sheet panel Roll Forming Machine

(5) Sheet panel Roll Forming Machine for instance: glazed tile Roll Forming Machine, deck floor Roll Forming Machine, flashing and gutter Roll Forming Machine and Double Layer Roll Forming Machine for corrugated and wall panel.

(6) Sheet metal Processing for example steel cut to length line in various steel coil width and fact, Steel slitting line at a different speed and slitting line specifications.

Portable Roll Forming Machine

likewise, We also produce portable roll forming machines for convenient customer panel producing: Nowadays, in the world, for reducing cost and time, customer search for portable metal roof roll forming machine for sale. To produce a metal deck or roof/wall panel on construction land. Meanwhile, LOTOS design and produce small roll forming machine for users with limited space.

to tell the truth, LOTOSFORMING is the leading roll forming industry in China for design roller and roll forming machines for other cooperators. We may build up the future altogether. Two basic types of roll forming systems are utilized: a pre-cut line and a post-cut line. certainly, a pre-cut line snips the incoming material to a specific length prior to roll forming. also, During post cut line operation, the roll-formed panel runs continuously after roll forming.

Advantage of the roll forming machine

LOTOSFORMING ▷ ROll FOrming MAchine MAnufacturers | Best Design 2021 ◁ can produce a variety of Roll Forming Machines that are Mostly use in the construction industry. furthermore, in addition to you can find details of roll forming machines for sale here. therefore, any material that can be formed using a sheet forming machine. Roll forming is an excellent solution whenever the stability of the cross-sectional profile is critical.

Matching up with the industrial requirements of the customers.LOTOS company attributes himself success to some things as:

  1. Quality of our roll forming machine
  2. The regularity to deliver roll forming machine
  3. High stability and advantage of the roll forming machine
  4. Changed specifications roll forming machine as per customer requirement
  5. Best competitive roll forming machine price


Roll Forming Process :

Roll forming is a popular process used to produce long sheet metal products with a fixed avoid forming defects limited element analysis can be used to predict strain distributions and sheet geometry during and after the Roll forming.

Therefore, cold roll forming and hot rolling hot-rolled with continuous step to form. however, the hot rolling process is a good method to reduce the forming load of the advanced high strength steel. instead, the cold roll forming process is an alternative method to the hot rolling process using a series of rolls under the condition of room temperature. Roll forming is a way of shaping metal, such as steels and stainless steel. Rollforming is a continuous shaping of a long strip of metal.

Although, Designing a roll forming process is an optimization process. the target is to use the little number of stands possible. while still maintaining final product quality within suitable levels. above all, roll forming is a process that developed by gradually bending the metal through a series of roll stands, or passes. Each stand must produce the appropriate amount of deformation for which it was designed. moreover, when roll forming problems occur, it is important to examine each stage of the process and not merely the stand at which the problem initially appears. cold roll forming process needs serial forming profiles to determine. a suitable number of profiled roll sets to design for the product.

Roll Forming Machine Parts
  1. Roller

The tooling roller design and produce according to section pattern and material of the strip, and the roller base material mostly is 42CrMo, Cr12, Cr15, and Gcr15. After the hard lath process, the roller should pass heat treatment, and then transfer to CNC lath machining for finalizing the determined size. In the last, the roller will be surfaced with chrome coating, a more smooth surface with higher hardness.

  1. Spindle or shaft

The base material is 40Cr, 42Cr, as well as 45# steel. As same as rollers, the shaft will go for professional machining treatment. Such as the CNClath process, heating treatment to achieve hardening. Furthermore, pass final machining for keyway and thread.

  1. Roll Forming Machine structure

either way, The main body frame of the roll forming machine is welded from different thicknesses of plates, which is the most important part of roll forming machines. Less manufactures will care about the stability, alignment for making roll forming machines. It really affects the performance of roll forming machines.

Roll Forming Roller stand

actually, LOTOSFORMING takes care of roll forming machine structure and design body frame according to raw material input width and thickness. And then go to the fabrication process. The most important of a structure is surface milling machining to get the whole surface in the same flat level, to be ready for tooling station installation.

  1. Roller stand

the supporter can hold both sides of shaft bearing housing. we call it roller stand, both sides of shaft bearing housing should be stable, smooth, and well-aligned. Based on the customer’s budget, and roll forming machine design. we will use a different type of stand for different machines.

Roll Forming Applications

Roll forming is an easy and efficient metal forming method that can apply across many industries such as Construction, Agriculture, Automotive Industry. The roll forming process can easily implement in common production lines and synchronized with other stamping units.

actually, there are many roll forming machine for Construction application including:

  • Garage doors roll forming machine
  • Ladders and scaffolding roll forming machine
  • Security Windows and doors forming machine
  • roof and wall panel machine

roll forming applications in the Agriculture industry, such as Crop farming, Greenhouses forming machines.
Roll forming can improve design integrity and reduce a part’s costs in solar panel applications such as:

  • Panel support channels forming machine
  • racking and PV framing forming machine

So, Just send us your request about the roll forming machine, after that, Consider it done. Lotos assure you that it provides you the highest quality and best service.

Different Types of Roll Forming Machines

we can divide the roll forming machine into some groups According to the application, weight, Transmission, and motion.
according to weight, we have Two categories of roll forming machine:

  • light gauge roll forming machine
  • heavy duty roll forming machine

so, according to Transmission and motion, we have a gearbox transmission roll forming machine and chain transmission roll forming machine.
and according to the application, we have a lot of machines to produce door shutters, door frames, and roofing panels, and gutter, and other profiles that can be produced by cold-formed machines.

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  2. Do you need any punching on the roll forming line? please tell us punching hole drawings.
  3. Other detailed requirements in roll forming machine manufacturing.

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