Rolling Shutters Making Machine

Rolling shutters and rolling grilles require very little headroom above the structural opening. They roll up compactly behind the lintel. No valuable hall space is lost at the sides or ceiling. Wuxi LOTOS ▷ Rolling Shutter Machine | Door shutter DESIGN 2022 ◁ is one of the professional factories in China. in fact, we can supply different kinds of roll forming machines for different shutter doors. If you have your door design, show us your design drawing. A good suggestion can be given out by our engineer. if you have any idea about your new project, some professional ideas can be gotten from us.

Above all, Rolling shutter door is produced by rolling shutter making machine and are used for parking door and home doors and shops front show and garages, etc. they are very strong and safe to the property.Therefore, The door-rolling shutter provides adequate protection and safety against thefts and fire. These doors are stronger if use enough steel thickness.


LOTOS can design every kind of rolling shutter machine to produce roll-up shutter slats From simple security rolling shutters to roll-up shutters designed for storm protection, custom-designed roller shutters, and even fire-proof rolling fire shutter, very fast roll-up shutter or sectional door rolling shutter, and so on. We also can add a servo motor and no-stop tracking cutting on the Rolling Shutters Making Machine, and the speed can be 25-30m/min. All the data is set up in the PLC computer program (Delta or Mitsubishi for option).

Roller shutter roll forming machine

Rolling steel shutter doors are commonly used for warehouses, garages, shops, etc. These are very strong and offer proper safety to the property. Fully automatic operation with one person operator.Thus All our roll-up shutter doors are automatic using vigorous drive expertise with manual override in case of a power failure and are dense and noiseless, and dependable with low decibel level.


Shutter Patti Machine

in fact, LOTOS produce a full range of steel personnel roller shutter door roll forming machine. Steel roller shutters are very versatile and come with various options, so they can be designed to suit our customer’s needs. In addition, Galvanized steel roller shutter doors can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are perfect for backyards, shop fronts, and factory units. Hence, We have many styles of rolling shutter bars roll forming machines, we have manufactured and designed so many different 2 in 1 combining 2 profiles rolling shutter making machines with automatic feeding devices.

The width of the shutter slat is 35mm to 65 mm for windows and small door applications. 50mm-150 mm for doors and garage usage,
The raw material is PPGI, GI, SS for base slat, and POLY + ISO for foaming.


Australian Rolling shutters Machine

the features of the Australia steel roller doors are easy installation, low noise and can be lifted by hand and beautiful color, smooth and horizontal embossed design. The Roll Doors Australia is more durable and installation is simple, the construction speed is fast and the construction period is saved. The stainless steel Australian rolling shutters have a good landscape effect and ventilation effect, and can also play very strong isolation and anti-theft effect.

australian DOOR shutter
Grill Rolling Shutters machine

rolling grill shutters provide an attractive grille for high security internal commercial outlets. The tight coils and alternative link patterns allow great transmission of light and vision from the outside. Brick bond or in-line styles and solid slats can be added to enhance security. Most popular among being window security grilles, the first favorite place for any intruder to enter the house. We can produce different designs of Grill Rolling Shutters machines at the request of customers.

Grill Rolling Shutters machine
Rolling shutter door bottom plate roll forming machine

Bottom Plates or lock Plates to install bottom on the rolling shutter. Generally, there are several models of Bottom Plate. but T Block bottom is most popular. The Bottom Making Machine specially design to manufacture high-quality Bottom for Rolling Shutter systems.
the bottom plate usually is for keeping windblown rain from getting under the shutter.

Rolling shutter door bottom plate roll forming machine

Aluminum window sill roll forming machine

aluminum window sill prevents moisture, leakage and splashes, and staining by draining rainwater away from them. The system comprises a purpose-made aluminum drip, with its easily recognizable rounded edge that rolls formed by roll forming machine. Window sills are designed to be installed together with windows into the bottom part of the window opening.

aluminum window sill roll forming machine

Shutter Door Forming Machines


Material: Galvanized Coil

Material Thickness: 0.8-1.2mm

Main roll forming machine Power: 7.5 KW

Forming Speed: 4-7m/min

Dimension: 7×0.8×0.8 m (L*W*H)

Weight: 4-5 T

Main Parts 

  1. Manual Decoiler
  2. Roll Forming System
  3. Hydraulic cutter
  4. Control system
  5. Output table

Working Flowing 

Manual Un coiler    — >  >  Feeding   — >  >   Roll Forming  — >  >  Cutting — >  >   Output table


Roller door roll forming machine
Technical Parameter
Decoiler TypeManual
Loading capacity3Ton

Impassive to expanding

Roll Forming system with feed panel unit
Axis Diameter65 mm
Forming Roller station12 groups
Main Axis materialFirst grade 45# steel

heated and quenched

Roller materialGCR15,

Hard Chrome Coated,

heated and quenched

PillarSteel Pillar
Forming Speed12-15 m/min
Drive Type80# CHOHO CHAIN
Machine Frame standIntegrated design new generation
Cutting Device
Cutting typeHydraulic cutting
Cutting system power2.2KW
Cutting length tolerance±0.5mm
Electrical System
PLC systemDelta
Length Controller Delta
OperationDelta Touch Screen
Run-out Table
Table quantity1 pcs*6m length
StructureAngle bar welded
Roll up Shutter Door making machine

Rolling Shutter Doors is one type of door or windows shutter consisting of many horizontal slats. The door raises to open it and lower to close it. fast rolling shutters are rapid and space-saving doors appropriate for any applications such as structural context and industrial part. the door can be open manual or motor. some of the roller shutters such as the PU Rolling Shutter can use as a method of insulation that can protect against hail damage and withstand high winds.

single section type (single layer):
single layer slat is like S shape and will fabricate by roll forming machine from steel strips. one side is male and another side is female joint, to connect all together and make door or windows.
this type of shutter mostly used for garage and store doors. manufacturing single layer shutter slat takes less than 2 months, and it has near 10 to 15 roller stands, so operating and fabricating shutter will be fast and convenient.

furthermore, shutter installation is really simple with easy repair service. Single-layer shutter slat has so many patterns based on usage and customer requirement. finish slat width is 40 mm to 200 mm, with thickness 0.5 to 1.5 mm. so as to result you can imagine we have a thousand forms of single-layer shutter that all can manufacture by roll forming machine.

Double shutter or PU foamed shutter machine:

For fabricating polyurethane shutter slat we need a complete line (roll forming, PU foam machine, furnace tunnel, output table, and so on). Roll forming machines that can manufacture acceptable PU shutters should have more than 30 stand rollers with proper roller design.
LOTOSFORMING carries more than 15 years’ experience that can assure quality and delivery time for global and domestic customers. recently LOTOS workshop output is more than 15 sets of a complete line of polyurethane door shutter each month.
Pu foamed door and window shutter

  1. for rolling up and down it has less noise and working more silent it means each day less damage on the joint part of the shutter and longer performing, meanwhile in some crowded areas will be more suitable with human care.
  2. polyurethane shutter doors and windows are sound absorbers, so once you roll down most of the street sounds will absorb by foam inside the shutter.
  3. fireproof and energy-saving: the density of foam will help to save area energy and also its anti-fire. so it’s really highly recommended for main doors and windows to make safer and economic rooms. As result, we can say the best door and windows shutter is PU foamed shutter.

Door shutter roll forming machine

These machines are very different quality and speed, as kind of rolling shutters you should use different machinery.
Some machines named roll-forming machines are rolling steel coil and step by step forming steel and finally, cut it as need size.
For installation rolling shutter machine, you need about 15meter length and 5-meter width, also 3 phase power.

Roll Forming Machine for making Rolling Shutter Strips are 2 types:
• Gearbox rolling shutter machine
• Chain rolling shutter machine
Some of the rolling shutter machines are work with a gearbox and some others are a chain. chain type is chipper kind and can form steel max 1.25 mm. if you want to use steel roll more than 1.25 mm you have to select gearbox type. This type is expensive but has very good quality and speed. Some customers need quality and some others need cheap price, which one are you?

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