Fully Automatic Steel Garage Door Panel Making Machine

LOTOS company commits to increasing its presence in the world of Sectional garage door roll forming machine and it is working to improve its metal roll former sales network. To tell the truth, Wuxi LOTOS garage door manufacturing is one of professional garage door machine factory in China, also we can supply different kinds of garage door roll forming machine. the industrial sectional overhead door is vertically-opening doors made using multiple panel sections. The vertical opening of these doors creates more space in front of and behind the door allowing you to park vehicles near. When open, the industrial door sections neatly fold up and lay flat under the ceiling.

Sectional Overhead Door Manufacturers

Sectional Overhead Door machine

Sectional doors roll forming machine from LOTOSFORMING  garage door company offer quality and safety in many variants. sectional overhead garage doors are rapidly growing as one of the most popular choices of a sectional overhead door in the global.in fact, Noteworthy and easy to operate, Sectional Industrial Doors are a durable, tight-sealing suitable for all kinds of industrial and commercial. Roll-up garage doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space. you can buy good quality High-Speed Garage Door Roll Forming Machine from LOTOSFORMING.


Vertical Lift Sectional Doors forming machine

Vertical lift doors can be used on both exterior and interior walls and come with a variety of options. Doors can be made from steel, aluminum, depending on the application and requirements for thermal efficiency, wind code requirements, aesthetic preference, or door opening size.
Vertical Lift doors are ideal for heavy-duty applications outside the limits of standard commercial doors. These doors may be used in tail door applications. Vertical Lift Doors are available in single and multi-panel configurations.

sectional-overhead-door machine
Discontinuous Garage door production line

Discontinuous garage door production line for vertical lift sectional overhead door. The discontinuous plants are used for the production of Vertical Lift Sectional. Complete Discontinuous Garage door production line includes these parts :
step 1: decoiler—>leveling + embossing + cut to length

2: hot press machine to make door panel patterns. such cube or any other patterns

3: shutter panel roll forming machines.

4: foaming hot press platform

5: packing

6: garage door finished product.


Vertical Lift Overhead Garage Door production line

Hot press machine

Garage door production line

Roll forming

Overhead Garage Door production line

Foaming machine

What is a Sectional Garage Door?
Vertical Lift Overhead Garage Door production line

Material: Galvanized Coil, Aluminum

Material Thickness: 0.3-0.5mm

Main roll forming machine Power: 7.5 KW

Forming Speed: 10-12m/min

Feeding width: 229mm

Production line N/W: about 8T

Production line length: about 38m

Overhead Sectional Door Machines

  1. Manual Un coiler
  2. Feeding Guide
  3. Roll Forming System
  4. Foaming machine
  5. Pneumatic flying saw
  6. Control system
  7. Output table

Working Flowing Industrial Sectional Overhead Door Roll Forming Machine

Manual Un coiler      ⇒     Feeding          ⇒   Roll Forming      ⇒     Cutting     ⇒ Output table

high speed PU Foam Door Shutter roll forming Machine

1) Production working flow

Manual decoiler →roll forming machine→online foaming machine—>belt conveyor warming system—> servo tracking cutting saw→output table

Ⅱ. Reference product drawing

Sectional Overhead Door machine

What is a Sectional Garage Door?

Nowadays, Garage Sectional Door is widely applied in privacy garage and public parking lots. The most advantages are as bellows:

  • fast rolling, sectional overhead doors.
  • Widen shutter slats, high safety.
  • Less space required, and be suitable for lower floor height. it could help customers who used garage sectional door, with saving space when shutters rolling up and down.

LOTOS ROLL FORMING MACHINE CO is a leading manufacturer for industrial garage overhead sectional door machines. And mostly is polyurethane sectional panel garage door production line.likewise, to reduce noise from rolling up and down, it’s noise proof and fireproof.

in the same way, Garage Door Machine combines with decoiler and roll forming unit,and polyurethane injection machine,and foamed heating silo, and servo tracking cutting saw system.finally, The Sectional Panel Garage Door line has adopted with PLC Program.

in fact, LOTOSFORMING has more than 14-years experience on Garage Door Manufacturing Equipment, for different roll-up garage doors.

Garage Door Machines have various style roller design. It mostly depends on the user’s demand and flavor shapes. So buyers for garage sectional door can send us drawing or samples for overhead sectional door details to get the final solution.

Garage door thickness depends on the width of a sectional panel garage door width. Normally, it’s near 3 meters and LOTOSFORMING makes garage door forming machines based on 0.5mm thickness. Meanwhile, the industrial sectional overhead door can use Aluminum, Galvanized, and PPGI, from 0.3-0.7mm thickness.

For garage door adjustment, you should have side guide U purling rails, roller motor, and other accessories to install overhead sectional door completely. For further detail info concerned with Garage Sectional Door Machine, you may feel free to contact LOTOSFORMING at any time you wish.


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Roll forming machine manufacturers

Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine

  • Each part technical parameter
1. Manual decoiler
1.1Loading capacity5T
1.2Steel coil I.D.φ480-φ508mm
1.3Steel coil O.Dmax φ1000mm
1.4Cantilever width400mm
2. Roll Forming Machine
2.1Roller groups41 stations
2.2Roller material45# steel with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
2.3Roller shaft dia.Φ60mm
2.4Shaft material45# with quenching and tempering
2.6Transmission wayGear box ( Chain available)
2.7Machine frame body350# H beam welded, Stress-Relieving
2.8Roller supporterWall panel struture
2.9Roller bearingHRB, 30213
3. Foaming Machine
3.1PU Raw material tanksMixer type

No-block nozzle

3.2Foaming materialPoly + ISO
4. Roller Warming Belt
4.1Roller dia.5mm
4.2Roller number40 groups
4.3Belt materialRubber
4.4Belt length8m (depends on profile width)
5. Hydraulic Pump Station
5.1Motor power4KW
5.2Cooling wayFan wind
6. Electricity control cabinet
6.1Frequency inverterDELTA
6.3Screen touch screenDELTA
6.5Low voltageSchneider
Steel Garage Door Panel Roll Forming Machine

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