High-Frequency ERW Tube Mill Production Line

Electric resistance welding tube mill is used: For low-pressure fluid transmission, machinery manufacturing, electric power engineering, etc. LF19-76 High-Frequency Tube Mill Production Line / high-frequency straight seam pipe making machine / ERW Tube Mill Line is designed to produce welded pipes of Φ19mm~Φ76mm O.D. Of round pipe and Round pipe δ0.6mm~2.5mm, Square pipe δ≤2mm in wall thickness.

ERW tube mill production line

Welded Pipe Making Machine


1O.D. Of round pipeΦ19mm~Φ76mm
2Wall thicknessRound pipe δ0.6mm~2.5mm

Square pipe δ≤2mm

3MILL SPEED30M/min~100M/min


1W.T. of stripsΔ0.6~2.5mmMATERIAL

C.S Q195, 235,

Galvanized Steel Strip

2Width of stripsH40~240mm
3O.D. of steel coilΦ800mm~Φ1500mm
4I..D. of steel coilΦ450mm~Φ550mm
5Maxi. Load weight≤3500kg

working flow

Raw material (steel coil) → uncoiling → shearing and butt-welding → material accumulating → non-power leveling →mill-forming → high-frequency welding → removing burrs outside of weld seam → Zinc spraying → cooling → sizing → roughly straightening → fixed-length cutting → run-out table

ERW Steel Pipe Making Machine

. machine parts details ERW Tube Mill Line

4.1uncoiler two type: hydraulic expanding

Structure type: Double-side 180ºrotary hydraulic expanding tightly, which insure steel coil feeding alternatively and make steel strip going into accumulator freely.

Structure typeHydraulic expanding double side
I..D. of steel coilΦ450mm~Φ550mm
O.D. of steel coilΦ800mm~Φ1500mm
Width of stripsH60mm~H320mm
Maxi. Load weight≤3500kg

4.2 Shear and butt-welder

Shearing and butt-welder, which insure double steel tidily and then welding and leveling weld seam and supply strips for the accumulator.

4.3 Horizontal accumulator

It has two AC motor: one is a feeding motor and the other is a driven motor, and ensure steel strips inputting and outputting for forming.

Diameter of accumulator: Φ4500㎜

Feeding motor: YCT250-4A 18.5KW

Driven motor: YCT250-4B  22KW

Steel ERW Welding Pipe Mill


Mainly roughly mill-forming steel strip and controlling weld seam.

DescriptionItem Technical parameters
Horizontal-roll standsQuantitySeven stands
Material of horizontal standsHigh-precision forged steel
Diameter of horizontal shaftΦ60mm
Material of horizontal shaft42CrMO
Vertical-roll standQuantityseven stands
Material of vertical standsQT50
Diameter of horizontal shaftΦ45mm
Material of horizontal shaft45# forged steel
Driven gearboxQuantitySeven gearboxes
Material of gearboxQT50
TypeSpiral bevel gear
Material of gearbox20CrMnTi
Material of shaft40Cr
Power transmission methodFrom universal transmission joint to horizontal roll stands

4.5 Guide and squeeze and scraper

One set of guide roll stand for controlling direction of pipe seam to insure pipe seam flatly and straightly entering into extruding rollers.1 set of extruding roll stand for controlling weld seam to realize successful welding.Two sets of scraper frame for scraping outside weld seam

Description Technical parametersRemark
Guide typeTurkish-heads type and 360°rotary
Welding rollstwo welding rollers   or

Three welding rollers

Scraper standsAdjusting pole and quickly feeding and exit

4.6 Zinc spraying or Arcspray Process :

Repairing the welding seam Zinc surface

The tube is produced by the Electrical Resistance Welding (ERW) of the longitudinal seam. By using a pre-coated steel strip
[zinc coating (galvanized), aluminum coating (aluminized), or Zn/Al Alloy Coating], a tube with enhanced corrosion resistance can be produced. During the welding process, the external coating around the weld area is damaged by the heat generated around the weld area and the subsequent tooling operation, and should be re-protected this area of the tube will corrode.

The re-protection of this weld damage gets by using a metal sprayed deposit with a material that affords similar corrosion resistant properties to the strip pre-coat. This method is in line with the repair is the only way available which offers the flexibility of producing tubes with zinc, aluminum or Zn/Al coatings.

4.7 Cooling type: Sink and shower

4.8 Sizing of ERW tube mill line

DescriptionItem Technical parameters
Horizontal-roll standsQuantitySix stands
Material of horizontal standsHigh-precision cast or forged steel
Diameter of horizontal shaftΦ60mm
Material of horizontal shaft42CrMO
Vertical-roll standQuantitysix stands
Material of vertical standsQT50
Diameter of horizontal shaftΦ45mm
Material of horizontal shaft45# forged steel
Driven gearboxQuantitySix gearboxes
Material of gearboxQT50
typeSpiral bevel gear
Material of gearbox20CrMnTi
shaft Material40Cr
Power transmission methodFrom universal transmission joint to horizontal roll stands

Sizing device: Mainly fine shaping pipe after welding and controlling size accuracy. Every 6 sets of a horizontal roll stand, vertical roll stand and drive gearbox, 12 sets of the universal shaft. (structure same as forming device)

ERW pipe mill line

4.9 Roughly straightening machine frame

This unit is used for straightening the pipe after sizing, to reach the required straightness.

 Technical parameters
Straightening stands typeTurk’s head type, and 360°rotary
Diameter of straightening shaftΦ35mm
Material of straightening shaft40Cr

4.10 Main driven motor

 Technical parameters
Main driven motor power160KW
Reducer model  ZLY250

4.11 Computer-controlled cutting machine

Usage: Cutting online as per the setting length

No.TypeCNC controller, normal/hot cutting
1 DiameterΦ80mm
2 Wall-thicknessΔ2.5mm
3Cutting toleranceL=4~8m,  ≤±3mm
4 driven typePneumatic feeding and exit
5The specification of saw bladeΦ550㎜
6Cutting motor 15  KW
7speed Cutting100M/min

4.12 Run-out table

Welded frame structure equipped with sizing signal system

4.13 200KW High-Frequency Welder

The power of H.F. welder is 200KW

. Facilities prepared from Customer Side

Power supply380V/220V; 50HZ; 3phrase
Power needed listH.F. welder   200  KW
Main motor   160  KW
others   50   KW
Area covering40M×4.5M (length×width)
The area covering of H.F welder6M×3M ×2.8M (length×width×height)
Water supply1.One set of cooling saponification water pool 30M³&

2. One set of high-pressure pumpsΦ2″, 32M pressure;

3. One set of cooling clean water pool 30M³&

4. One set of high-pressure pumpsΦ2″, 32M pressure;

Air/Gas supplyAir compressor 22KW 2~3 M³
Lifting equipmentOverhead crane 5-10 tons, two sets
Consumable partsWires and cablessaw blade
Ferrite coreZinc wire


DECOILER welded pipe making machine


Horizontal accumulator tube mill

Roll forming


Guide and squeeze and scraper


Zinc spraying






Cutting Machine

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