Thrie-Beam Steel Guardrail making machine

▷ Guardrail roll forming machine – Highway guardrail suppliers 2022◁ can produce a variety of guard rails which are Mostly used on highway roads. Produced w beam guard rail are all in high quality, Durability, Long-lasting Life and they are also easy to be installed. One production Machine can produce products of a wide range of specifications, so you will surely get Profile a lot. The Guardrail Machines and W Beam Machines are some of the most significant machines we produce, as they are extra heavy-duty machines that are made with high precision and the best quality roll tools and material. Rolling guard barrier placed along the edge of a highway at dangerous points. Highway guardrail Meanwhile, it minimizes the damage to vehicles.

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Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine

Expressway Guard Rail Making Machine

Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Crash barrier and high way 2 wave and 3 wave guardrail is the most common user the name for this cross-section heavy duty profile. All crash barriers in the world fabricate by roll forming machines pattern is almost the same and standard, for some countries, makes a limited thickness 3 mm but in some other countries, 2 mm profile is also acceptable. So based on global highway standards, along with high-speed highways both sides of the road should be equipped with crash barriers. W beam guard rail most use for guardrail on the roadway system. It is a cold roll forming product that shapes out of steel coil into the shape of two wave guardrail or three waves guardrail. Crash Barrier highway guardrails have proven highly effective in reducing the quantity and intensity of accidents.

We as highway guardrail manufacturers provide the best roll forming machine for producing W Profile Two and Three Waves Guardrail and call that machine ”Full Automatic Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine”.Fully Automatic Guard Rail Roll Forming Line can produce 2 and 3 waves guardrail as customer required.

LOTOS supplies and manufacture Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Expressway guardrails according to International Standards. A highway guardrail is generally used as a barrier system for highway traffic security. The steel w beam guard rail installs along the roadway and highways. such as curves and slopes, parking lots, road corners, dead-end streets that may cause danger or accidents to people or cars.


Guardrail Making Machine


  • Material: Steel
  • Material Thickness: 2.0-4.0mm
  • Main roll forming machine Power: 60 KW
  • Forming Speed: 5-10m/min
  • Machine weight:30,000KG

2) Main Parts Crash Barrier Roll Forming Machine

 Machine components

This guardrail production line will be combined with hydraulic decoiler with travel cart and leveling system and hydraulic feeding device and 315T hydraulic press machine with dies and hydraulic puncher station with the pre-cutting unit and roll forming machine part and hydraulic cutting unit and output table and hydraulic oil pump and electrical control cabinet and so on.

Decoiler TypeHydraulic
Loading capacity5Ton

Impassive to expanding

Roller Leveling Device
Roller No.9 groups
Roller dia.ø95mm
Roller materialFirst grade 45# steel,

Hard Chrome Coated,

heated and quenched

Servo Tracking Feeding-in system guard rail machine
Servo motor power5.5kw
Servo motor brandDELTA
5.4 Hydraulic Punching
Punching power100T
materialMO 40
Blade materialChrome
 Roll Forming system 
Axis Diameterø120 mm
Forming Roller station18 groups
Main Axis materialFirst grade 45# steel

heated and quenched

Roller materialFirst grade 45# steel,

Hard Chrome Coated,

heated and quenched

Roller StructureHeavy-duty casting pillar


Forming Speed5-10 m/min
BearingJapan SKF
Drive TypeGY250 Gear Box
Machine Frame stand10mm steel welded structure


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Roll forming machine manufacturers
W-Beam Steel Guard Rail forming machine

Why do we use guard rail on a highway?

Here is some simple reason to use guard rail in standard high way road, normally its common to install in middle and in tow sides of the big road. But in a different country is not the same most of them just install in the middle of the road for separate tow side of the street, it also helps to protect both sidecars from opposite side accident.

How to install a guard rail?

It has each country standard and global standard, but all should have a standard C BEAM each, and it pressed by some mobile pneumatic machines, to make sure it can protect car jumping and stop those to pass other lines, then guard rail profile connected by nuts to C beam in the regular distance.

What kind of guard rail are best?

These years some countries working on the new generation of guard rail produce composite material to absorb maximum energy from a vehicle crash, and less damage and injurers. The most common using guard rail is 2 wave and 3 waves galvanized that is produced by roll forming machines, and 3 wave is higher to control large vehicle crash and night light for another side.

Guardrail Manufacturers

Which type of guard rail is safer?

By 2019 most safeguard rail is galvanized steel produced by roll forming machine with 4 mm thickness, with standard C BEAM connection and installation.

Which guard rail is standard?

You can check standard guard rail design here who design by LOTOSFORMING.COM engineering DEPT.

What’s the material of the guard rail?

Mostly is galvanized steel to protect from oxidizing and long term use with enough strength.

How is guard rail produce?

Its long processing and heavy-duty roll forming line to roll, steel sheet metal to guard rail profile. It starts by de coiler to leveling and punching and pre-cutting then forming stations then shape cutting to an output table. The heavy-duty roll forming line should be definitely with a gearbox drive for each station to make the sure final shape and could form thick sheet metal.

The line from LOTOSFORMING has some advantages from other machine producers, that can produce 2 wave and 3 wave standard guard rail with one machine and all stations drives by the heavy gearbox, also the 2 waves and 3 wave guard rail roll forming line include pre-cutting and PLC length control with 2 sets of hydraulic punching system, to accurate hole distance and shape. So if you looking for a standard, long-term using heavy-duty guard rail roll forming line contact LOTOS without any hesitation.

Highway guardrail roll forming machine

High way Guard Rail Machine is the most effective way of guard rail making machine, compare with old guard rail bending machine.we have thousands of high way guard rail manufacture in the world, that most design and produce standard 2 waves and 3 wave guard rail. Steel guard rail manufactures use high way guard rail machine to sale guard rail to South Africa, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and so many other countries. LOTOSFORMING support guard rail manufactures in South Africa, that has more than 18 heavy-duty roll forming stations.

Most of the guard rail manufacture also has a guardrail installation machine to install metal beam guard rail in high way according to OSHA requirement. High way guard rail forming machine includes decoiler, leveling, servo feeding, guard rail standard punch and forming steps. And W beam guard rail shape cutting to produce standard guard rail.

The material of rollers is Gcr15 to work a long time. Guard rail design is based on country standard. And mostly have 2 waves and 3 waves drawing as below: Nowadays, we have so many guard rail company U.A.E, guard rail for roads South Africa to sale and install metal beam guard rail on the highway to reduce car accident with animals.

Guardrail Machine Manufacturers

LOTOSFORMING is one of the most experienced guard rail machines manufactures in China that produce chain transmission rolling guard barrier for 1.0-2.0mm thickness for low budget highway guard rail suppliers. And also, gearbox transmission highway guard rail roll forming machine for 2.0-5.0mm thickness heavy-duty application. For installation guard rail or guardrail on roads, highway, C post beam is required as well. LOTOSFROMING supply multiple size C beam roll forming machine.

Highway guard rail pricing is based on thickness and material, guard rail manufactures should sale GI C post beam and guard rail to protect from rust. For further detail info from different guard rail machine, kindly may check LOTOS YouTube Channel. A wide variety of options highway guardrail roll forming machine is available to you, such as carbon steel, galvanize steel, thickness, shape design, punching whole, speed, chain or gear transmission, and so on.

Guard rail bending machine

So LOTOSFORMING after decades of manufacturing different type of crash barrier roll forming machine now is one of the leading industry of guard rail roll forming machine manufacturer.

the last generation of cars barrier line can form 2 wave and 3 wave pattern in one machine with punching and precutting and shape cutting, machine speed is more than 10 meters/min for 3 mm thickness.
also regarding road and cross street, we recommend crash barrier bending machine that can bend any angle in any length of guardrails. its small bending machine that can bend continuously without any wavy edges.

for installation for crash barrier based on ROAD STANDARD, we need C post beam that also has punching whole is same as crash barrier, so will joint by galvanized screw, for easy maintain and change.
C post beam also fabricates by roll forming line with mechanical or hydraulic punching, so for those wanna establish a complete factory of the crash barrier, we suggest consider about 3 lines:
1: 2 wave and 3 wave crash barrier forming machine with punching
2: crash barrier bending machine
3: C post beam roll forming line with punching
For further question or technical detail feel free to contact our professional engineering team.





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