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Steel Slitting Line

▷ (1.0-6.0)×1650mm Slitting Machine – Metal Slitting Machines.Slitting is often an important sheet metal cutting process, performed early in the processing of manufactured parts. Press working machines and die may require a strip of a certain width. Sheet metal usually arrives at the factory in a coil. These sheets are usually much wider than needed and are cut into strips of the desired width by slitting. Sheet metal coil can be cut into many strips at once, by several simultaneous slitting operations. These strips provide sheet metal stock for further press working processes.

Which Metal Slitting Machines are you looking for?

  1. Stainless Steel Slitting Line High Precision
  2. Precision Steel Slitting Services
  3. high precision steel coil slitting line
  4. Slitting and cut-to-length lines for metal coils
  5. Automatic High Precision Steel Slitting Machine
  6. Precision Steel Coil Slitting Lines

Main technical parameters:

Steel coil parametersMaterialHR.CR
Tensile strengthδb≤500Mpa,


Steel thickness1.0-6.0mm
Steel width500-1600mm
Steel coil I.DΦ580mm, could beφ610mm
Steel coil O.DΦ800-Φ2000mm
Steel coil weight25T
Slitter parametersknife pivot diameterФ240 mm
Knife pivot material42CrMo
Blades specificationΦ260mmXφ380mmX20mm
Blade materialSKD11
Slit parameterMax slit quantity≤15-20pcs@(1-2)mm









Width precision≤±0.2mm(T=2.0mm)
Other parametersPower380V/50Hz/3Ph
Line speed0-100m/min (regular 80m/min)






CapacityAbout 350 Kw
Whole line Dimension28mX10m


Operator needed1 mechanical engineer,2 common workers
Line directionFrom left to right(Face to machine)
Machine colorRed & Gray


Coil Slitting Lines

Composed devices

1Hydraulic Entry coil car1 set
2Hydraulic decoiler1 set
3Hydraulic Press and pinch device1 set
4Hydraulic cutter1 set
5Looper 11 set
6Side guide device1 set
7Slitter1 set
8Scrap winder1 set
9Looper 21 set
10Tension stand1 set
11Recoielr1 set
12Exit coil car1 set
13Hydraulic system1 set
14Electrical system1 set
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steel Slitting-burr

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