Traditional roll forming machine vs New generation roll forming machine

3 in 1 Servo Feeder & Straightener & Uncoiler: in a traditional roll forming machine production line, Plate material stamping often requires a reserved area about 3 meters between the decoiler and the leveling machine, the leveler and the feeder, making the production line engage a large space. and the thicker the material, the longer the feeding step, the larger the required waiting space.

New generation roll forming machine or 3 in 1 feedline function design to combine Uncoiler, Straightener, and Feeder to one machine. The compact feedline saves valuable factory floor space. The entire machine rigidly mounted on a machine base for stability and easy operation.

All feeding parameter settings and control concentrate in one operation screen and manual box, stable performance, accurate feeding, and high leveling, saving manpower space, high-automatic feeding equipment around the press machine.



in the old way, it’s “decoiler—>leveling—>servo feeding after that punch station—>forming machine—>cut off, this production line needs longer space.
in new generation production line is “3 in 1 Servo Feeder & Straightener & Uncoiler” –>punch machine—>forming machine(a new generation of forming machine, it’s gear transmission)—cut off.

3 in 1 servo feeder

3 in 1 servo straightener feeder

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