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Factors affect roll forming machine price

Roll forming price

Various factors affect the price of the roll forming machine. Technical specifications of the roll forming machine that affect the price of the roll forming explained.

what parameter is important in the roll forming process?

One of the useful parameters in the design of the roll forming line is deformation length. Deformation length can use to calculate the distance between two roll forming stands.

Specifications of the roll forming machine

Technical specifications of roll forming machine quote as below that effect on roll forming machine price:


De-coilers :
A manual decoiler is cheaper, while a semi-auto decoiler or an auto decompiler may cost increase. auto decoiler has a motor, hydraulic system, frequency inver, and control unit. Therefore the basic decoiler for a roll former is usually a manual decoiler, and if customers need different, there will be extra charges.


One of the components of the roll forming system is the shafts, which are used to transfer power from one part to another or to transfer power from the main motor to the main parts of the machine.


Bearings :
The brand of bearings used is very important.
The use of cheap bearings reduces the roll forming machine price but on the other hand, reduces the quality of the machine.

Roll Forming Machines Selection Guide

Numbers of Stands :
Roll forming machines for different products may have different number stands. but it is possible, for the same product, different Chinese roll forming machine suppliers offer different stations number. Generally, some cheap machines may have less forming stands than required.

Structure of Stands :
there are two different structures for forming stands. Integrated Stands and Independent Stands. Individual stands are separate stands welded of steel, and the rolling tools are mounted inside. Roll forming machine supplier produces individual stands by the planer type milling-boring machine. Some manufacturers like to coat decorative chrome on the surface of stands. Different stands’ structures cost different.

The material of Rolling Tools :
Different manufacturers use different materials to produce rolling tools. Usually, they list the roller materials as 45# steel, Gcr15 bearing steel, or 40Cr steel. In normal instance, they apply 45# steel as roller material if the feeding materials less than 1.5mm thickness. If the material thickness is more than 2mm, they like to use GCR15 bearing steel to ensure a longer life circle.

Transmission of Roll Forming Machine:
There are three commonest transmission methods for roll forming equipment, Chain transmission, gearbox transmission, and Coupling Gearbox and chain. Each transmission method will have its own costs.

The motor of Roll Forming Machine:
it is necessary you compare motor power and brands when reading different quotation sheets.Generally, A client needs to compare the technical parameters of the roll forming machine and then decide to buy which machine from which company.

What’s affects on roll forming machine price?

we wanna explain to you the most common question that all staff – are they sending an email and asking from us “why you’re forming machine price is so much different?!”  and how many options you have that affect your forming machine price. so we start with the heavy-duty machine, that we already installed rollers here as you can see we are from Wuxi manufacturing for roll forming machine.

so we start from here for the parts that we use for this machine as the CIE standard for line term usage and heavy-duty performing. for bearing, we use original SKF from Germany. chain connection between the gears uses a heavy-duty good brand for chain connection for garden connection because some of the factory you can see they don’t use garden they just connected the gears with the shaft directly by some coupling but we use a garden for heavy-duty.

This machine will be using for guardrail the thickness up to four millimeters.  we’re showing you the different price of the machine which part affects. firstly they start from the basement structure. the surface is 20 points or 25 millimeters thickness. the body is 10 millimeters thickness inside has a connection between the left and right. it makes it heavy duty machines.

Roll Forming price

just now for difference, you check this machine a pillar, the gears, the garden, the SKF bearing, chain; everything her going to assemble to make a finished roll forming machine is a heavy-duty and high-quality machine.

sometimes as you know some of the customers need a better price based on their profile thickness so we can also design them. LOTOS makes sure what they design and what they afford customer it will work well and satisfy our demands.

so now maybe you realize by the price of roll forming machines the same profile to different customers different suppliers. it has a different offer and a different price. parts if using SKF bearing or using other bands, gears or change, what kind of pillars you use, what kind of structure.if you have any questions inquiry feel free to send us by email.

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