Partition wall machine

Clean Room Profile is used to connect cleanroom wall panels and ceiling panels, doors, windows, etc during the installation to ensure there are no dusty places in the cleanroom corner and easy for cleaning. Curtain walls according to the designers’ requirements are the most appropriate way of displaying in buildings with multiple floors.

Clean Room Profiles Machine

T bar roll forming machine

wall profile roll forming machine

Unit workflow:
5 tons double-head hydraulic discharge + pressing arm+ forming host + servo tracking cutting +discharge table
Remarks: For the forming steps, please refer to the drawings of the customer.

1. material: galvanized coil, carbon steel
2. Strip thickness: 0.8mm
3. Strip yield limit: maximum 345MPA
4. Unit forming speed: 40m/min


the main points of unit design:

  • Diameter of the main working spindle: φ50mm
  • Forming passes: 12 stations
  • The direct center distance between the station and the station: 280mm
  • Spindle center distance: minimum 120, maximum 150mm
  • The effective width of the spindle: 350mm
  • Spindle keyway size: N×B, 5.5×14mm
  • Product cutting length error: 3m±1mm
  • The speed ratio of the upper and lower rollers = 1:1

Partition wall profile making machine

Main Forming machine:

  • Number of molding passes 12 passes
  • Roll material GCR15, heat treatment, hardness HRC58-62°
  • Shaft diameter Φ50mm
  • shaft material 40Cr, quenched and tempered, quenched
  • Main motor K series, 11KW
  • Transmission mode: Integral gearbox
  • Main frame Use 80*80 square pipes as the frame, with 12mm side
  • panels and 25mm steel panels on the panel
  • The thickness of the connecting plate is 30mm, the overall stress is
  • relieved, and the surface is CNC milled and finished
  • Unit forming speed 40m/min

Steel Partition Wall Roll Forming Machine

Steel and glass partition walls are perfect for dividing spaces while creating attractive and functional rooms. Steel and glass partition walls are a modern solution that allows for a useful and economic division of space without disturbing the flow of light. Lightweight glass walls will emphasize the unique character of your home or office.

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