Anti Fire Door Frame Making Machine

Wuxi LOTOS Manufacturing is one of the professional ▷ Fire Proof Window Frame Roll Forming Machine | LOTOS 2022 ◁ factory in China. If you have yourself door design, show us your design drawing, the good suggestion can be given out by our engineer. LOTOS offers you an outstanding quality range of Anti Fire Steel Door Frame Roll Forming Machine such as :

  1. Customized Fire Door Roll Forming Machine
  2. Anti-Theft Door Production line
  3. Fireproof Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine
  4. Fire Doors Machine

  5. Fireproof Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine
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  7. China Door Frame Making Machine
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  9. Anti-Theft Door Machinery
  10. Anti Fire Door Frame Roll Forming Machine
Window Frame Roll Forming Machine

Window Screen Frame forming machine

These screen frame kits are constructed of roll-formed frame material and they come in a mill finished color.
screen frame Used when the screen is recessed into the opening. The lip then forms a seal around the opening. Flyscreen windows Frame is a roll-form framing, sometimes called Knife Edge or Lip frame.

Window Screen Frame making machine

Anti Fire Door Frame Making Machine

Fire Door Roll Forming Machine

Fire Rated Window Frame Roll Forming Machine 

Fire-resistant windows frame are given a fire-resistance rating and are usually made of steel. They are designed to be kept closed, and any gaps between the wall and the door must be filled with a fire-resistant sealant.

1) Production working flow

Manual decoiler→roll forming machine—> pneumatic tracking cutting saw→ automatic output table

2)  Machine design capacity

  1. Raw material thickness: 1.0mm
  2. Input material width: 288mm
  3. Raw material yield limit: galvanized steel, and carbon steel
  4. working speed without punching: 10-20m/min
  5. Working area: about L25,000*W1,000mm*H1,200mm
  6. Machine G.W: 12,000KGS

3) Machine components

This Fire Rated Frame Roll Forming Machine production line will be combined with manual decoiler, and roll forming machine part, and automatic output table, and hydraulic pump station and electrical control cabinet, and so on.


4) Each part technical parameter

Manual decoiler
Loading capacity5T
Steel coil I.D.φ480-φ508mm
Steel coil O.Dmax φ1000mm
Cantilever width400mm
 Roll Forming Machine
Roller groups33 stations
Roller material45# steel with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
Roller shaft dia.Φ75mm
Shaft material45# with quenching and tempering
Transmission way1.25” Chain
Machine frame body350# H beam welded, Stress-Relieving
Roller supporterWall panel structure
Roller bearingHRB, 30213
Frequency inverterDELTA
Screen touch screenDELTA
Low voltageSchneider
Cutting precision
Cutting length±0.5mm
Vertical Tolerance±0.5mm
Horizontal tolerance±0.5mm
Cutting wayPneumatic tracking cutting saw

Product Name: Fire Proof Window Frame Roll Forming Machine

Product Description: Fire Proof Window and door making machine

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