Laser Welding

Laser welding uses a highly concentrated beam of light on a very tiny spot so that the area under the laser beam absorbs the light and becomes highly energetic.

Product description

Laser welding is a procedure in which metals or thermoplastics connected to create a weld using a laser gleam. Due to the concentrated heat source, laser welding can be performed at high welding velocities in meters per minute in thin materials.

As powerful laser beams are used, the electrons in the area get excited to a point where the material melts as the result of the atoms breaking the bonds with each other.


Laser welding offers several advantages that are often not found in other welding methods.

  • CAD/CAM setup
  • No electrode is used in the process
  • No form of tool wear occurs
  • Laser welding is highly specific in targeting
  • High-quality welds are obtained



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