sound barrier panel roll forming machine

The Sound Absorbing Panels Roll Forming Machine or sound barrier making machine has the characteristics of fast production speed, less labor required, exquisite workmanship, and no scratches on the surface of the sound-absorbing. this production line consists of a feeding device, transmission device,and forming roller table and main machine,and cutting device after forming, and hydraulic system,and electric control system,and finished material holding device.


Roll Forming Machine in noise barriers roll forming machine or acoustic panel post roll forming machine has 18 stations Roller groups that make by 45# Steel, chrome coated with heat treatment. Roller shaft dia is 75mm and Shaft material is 45# Steel with quenching and tempering. the power of Motor is 7.5KW and the Transmission way is with Chain driven.In fact, LOTOSFORMING the company specializes in the research and development, design, manufacture, sales, and foreign trade of cold-formed steel, and is a professional manufacturer of cold-formed steel machines.

Noise barriers making machine

Highway Sound Barrier Box Board Forming Machine

Roll forming machine for make Highway Sound Barrier Box Board includes two steps: STEP 1:making sound barrier box board STEP2: making slotted panel highway soundproof box board is any means of reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specified sound, Highway noise barrier can reduce wind, engine, road, and tire noise.

  • Production working flow

1: Produce 1-rib panel, decoiler→Forming Machine A→Hydraulic cutting→output

2: Produce 2-ribs panel, decoiler→Forming Machine B→Hydraulic cutting→output

3: Produce C channel pad (Left & Right), decoiler→online punch→ Forming Machine C→Hydraulic cutting→output

4: after manual assembles, go through a clamping machine.

5: louver punch machine (this is an optional machine, the barrier could use a perforated panel or louver pattern panel)

Acoustic panel post roll forming machine

  • Machine design capacity
  1. Raw material thickness: 1.2mm
  2. Raw material yield limit: GI.
  3. the working speed with punching: 0-10m/min
  • Machine components

Machine 1#:1-rib rolling forming machine

2#: 2-rib rolling forming machine

3#: C channel pad punch & forming machine

4#: Clamping machine

5# louver perforated machine


  • Each part technical parameter
Machine 1#:1-rib rolling forming machine
1. 10T Manual decoiler
2. 1-rib Roll Forming Machine
Machine 2#:2-ribs rolling forming machine
1. 10T Manual decoiler
2. 1-rib Roll Forming Machine
Machine 3#:C channel Pad (left & right)
the Machine 4#: Clamping Machine
Machine 5#: Louver Punch Machine
sound barrier panel roll forming machine
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Perforated Sound Barrier Cover machine

  • Production working flow

Hydraulic decoiler+loading cart →leveling unit—>160T Hydraulic Press Machine with perforated die→Roll Forming machine→hydraulic bending & cutting→automatic output table


  • Machine design capacity
  1. Raw material thickness: 1.5mm
  2. Raw material yield limit: aluminum
  3. the working speed with punching: 3-6m/min
  • Machine components

This production line will be combined with a hydraulic decoiler with a loading cart, leveling unit, 160T YANG LI Press Machine, roll forming machine part, hydraulic cutting & bending unit, output table, hydraulic oil pump, and electrical control cabinet and so on.

  • Each part technical parameter
1. Hydraulic decoiler with loading cart
1.1Loading capacity5T
1.2Steel coil I.D.φ480-φ520mm
1.3Steel coil O.Dmax φ1500mm
1.4Cantilever width1000mm
2. Leveling unit
2.1Roller number7-roller
2.2Roller dia.Φ70mm, heating treatment, hardness HRC48º~52º
2.3Frequency motor4kw
2.4Leveling speed1-18m/min
2.4Roller material45# steel
3. Servo Feeding Unit
3.1Servo brandDelta
3.2Motor power3KW
4. 160T Hydraulic Press Machine(GZ Brand)
4.1Puncher machine model160Ton High speed accuracy press
4.2Puncher die1 die unit to Make slotted holes

2 dies to make end slot

4.2Puncher die materialCr12MoV
5. Roll Forming Machine
5.1Roller groups20 stations
5.2Roller materialGCr15 with heat treatment, HRC58-62°
5.3Roller shaft dia.Φ65mm
5.4Shaft material45# with quenching and tempering
5.6Transmission wayChain with automatic size changeable
5.7Machine frame bodyWelded plated, Stress-Relieving
5.8Roller supporterPillar
5.9Roller bearingHRB, 30213
6. Hydraulic Pump Station for main machine
6.1Motor power4KW
6.2Cooling wayFan wind
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