How do Roll Forming Machines work?


All Roll forming machine in the industry has the same basic design, a roll forming machine includes:

DE COILER: to load raw material coil on that and open coil to a sheet, based on forming speed.

Feeding roller and leveling: after recoiler material should be straightening and leveling before forming to has a better result from forming steps. so we add leveling station in the first part of a machine but mostly is used for more than 1 mm thickness.

Pre-punching and marking: some of the wholes should punch before forming based on design, also upon requirement. we will add marking roller before forming stations.

Forming stations: the number of stations come from our experienced design DPT, based on thickness and shape each drawing need different forming stations number.

Torque head or final guide: in any roll forming machine last station before cutting should be torque head, to modify length twisting and turning to have a final 6-meter length in standard accuracy and shape.

Cutting or saw machine: at the end of forming machine we install the cutting system that’s hydraulic or mechanic saw, and it can be flying to make non-stop cutting. it’s up to forming machine speed and budget requirement.

Electronic cabinet: in developed manufacture such as LOTOS use PLC CONTROL to program and set machine.this is the machine brain for control and manage to punch, cutting, speed, feeding.

In LOTOSFORMING we select match HDMI, DRIVE, PLC, ENCODER with machine electronic motor to reduce PLC error as much as it can.

Roll forming Systems Machine Development:

In 2019 any roll forming manufacturer doesn’t use CAD/CAM design software cannot produce long term performance roll forming machines. roll forming design is one of the difficult machinery in the industry that definitely need CAD/CAM software to analyses and simulation steel with each station before producing. running roll forming machine nowadays most of the manufacture use PLC control to have less tolerance in final products.

So to have developed manufacture for roll forming machine, such as LOTOSFORMING, should have a great design team with enough experience on CAD/CAM software in roller drawing.

Roll Forming Tolerances :

To compare roll forming producing tolerance with old way machinery with shearing and break machines, for sure roll forming accuracy is really much higher than any other way. during the forming station also should care about material reaction and spring back to reduce tolerance,

The advantages of Roll forming Lines Machines  

Except for benefits we explained in previous comments and posts:

  1. Roll forming is energy efficient, cause informing station we won’t use any heating during forming, most of forming machine work in normal room temperature.
  2. Also based on CNC control it also reduces worker in a factory.
  3.  Before we design roller we will calculate input material width to make waste as less as it can.





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