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▷ Tube Mill Machine | Rolling mill machine | LOTOS 2021 ◁ is a new welding technology, which coats thin stainless steel on the surface of carbon steel pipe with high strength, the product has the features of both artistic appearance, therefore, corrosion resistance of stainless steel and high strength of carbon steel. It is the best substitute for stainless steel pipe as its lower price compared with that of welded steel pipe.

Choose us, you do not only get the tube Mill Line from us, but you also get technology from us. We select the best welding method for customers from high-frequency welding, TIG welding, plasma welding, and laser welding depending on the usage, welding requirements, and production efficiency.

LOTOSFORMING can supply the following production line :

  1. tube milling machine
  2. steel pipe making machine
  3. rectangular tube mill line
  4. Square tube mill line
  5. Pipe Welding Mill Production Line
  6. welding tube mill Production Line
  7. High frequency welded tube mill Production Line
  8. high frequency welded tube mill line
  9. Plant Welding Pipe Mill Machine
  10. Square Pipe Mill Steel Tube Machine Plant Welding Production Line


Pipe Production Line

The tube mill is widely used in household commodities, shoe racks, public facilities, and guardrails such as all kinds of clothes racks, retractable poles, article racks, all-purpose combination racks, tables, and chair legs, indoor handrails, ship and bus racks, and outdoor guardrails.

steel tubing  is an automation system to produce pipes, square tubes, shaped tubes

Tube Mill  or Pipe Production Line Process :

Firstly, the stainless steel strips are made to go through various quality checks and are trimmed at the edges. The strips pass through the number of rollers as per the required size. In the tube mill, the strip is gradually converted into a tubular shape. The fitted welding machine is then used to weld trim edges of the strip welding process. In this way, rolled pipes and tubes are formed.

The cleaning and heating phase Welded Tube Mill Line

The rolled stainless steel pipes thus manufactured are cut to the required lengths depending upon the industrial demand. These stainless pipes and tubes are then subjected to cleaning to remove the dirt. Further, a heat treatment is given to these rolled pipes and tubes to remove the stresses that may occur due to welding and formation processes. Heat treatment is given on the continuously rolling hearth furnace. The furnace is fitted with temperature recorders and controllers. After the heat treatment process, the stainless steel tubes and pipes are straightened and subjected to pickling for removing scales from the surface.

Cold- drawing process roll forming mill

In some cases, the required size may not be obtained from the mill directly. Then, the cold operation process can be used to obtain the desired size. In the cold drawing process, the tubes or pipes are coated with oxalic and soap solution. This solution acts as a lubricant to reduce friction while cold drawing operation.

Finishing process Square Pipe Mill Steel Tube Manufacturing Machine

The drawn-out tube or stainless steel pipe is then subjected to cleaning, heat treatment, pickling, and straightening. The computerized inkjet marking machine is used to do the marking on the finished pipes or tubes.

Working Flow Welding Pipe Mill Machine

Raw material (steel coil) → uncoiling → shearing and butt-welding → material accumulating → non-power leveling →mill-forming → high-frequency welding → removing burrs outside of weld seam → Zinc spraying → cooling → sizing → roughly straightening → fixed-length cutting → run-out table

Steel Welding Tube Making Machine Parts Details

Structure type: Double-side 180ºrotary hydraulic expanding tightly, which ensure steel coil feeding alternatively and make steel strip go into accumulator freely.

Structure typeHydraulic expanding double side
I..D. of steel coilΦ450mm~Φ550mm
O.D. of steel coilΦ800mm~Φ1500mm
Width of stripsH60mm~H320mm
Maxi. Load weight≤3500kg

Roll Forming Mill

DescriptionItemTechnical parameters
Horizontal-roll standsQuantitySeven stands
Material of horizontal standsHigh-precision forged steel
Diameter of horizontal shaftΦ75mm
Material of horizontal shaft42CrMO
Vertical-roll standQuantityseven stands
Material of vertical standsQT50
Diameter of horizontal shaftΦ45mm
Material of horizontal shaft45# forged steel
Driven gearboxQuantitySeven gearboxes
Material of gearboxQT50
TypeSpiral bevel gear
Material of gearbox20CrMnTi
Material of shaft40Cr
Power transmission methodFrom universal transmission joint to horizontal roll stands


Guide and squeeze and scraper of Tube and Pipe Mill Lines

One set of guide roll stands for controlling the direction of pipe seam to ensure pipe seam flatly and straightly entering into extruding rollers.

One set of extruding roll stand for controlling weld seam to realize successful welding.Two sets of scraper frame for scraping outside weld seam.

DescriptionTechnical parameters
Guide typeTurkish-heads type and 360°rotary
Welding rollstwo welding rollers   or

Three welding rollers

Scraper standsAdjusting pole and quickly feeding and exit

Sizing Machine tube mill machine

Sizing device: Mainly fine shaping pipe after welding and controlling size accuracy. Every 6 sets of the horizontal roll stand, vertical roll stand and drive gearbox, 12 sets of a universal shaft. (structure same as forming device)

DescriptionItemTechnical parameters
Horizontal-roll standsQuantitySix stands
The material of horizontal standsHigh-precision cast or forged steel
The diameter of horizontal shaftΦ75mm
Material of horizontal shaft42CrMO
Vertical-roll standQuantitysix stands
The material of vertical standsQT50
The diameter of a horizontal shaftΦ45mm
The material of the horizontal shaft45# forged steel
Driven gearboxQuantitySix gearboxes
Material of gearboxQT50
typeSpiral bevel gear
Material of gearbox20CrMnTi
Material of shaft40Cr
Power transmission methodFrom universal transmission joint to horizontal roll stands

Roughly Straightening Machine Frame Tube Mill Production Line

Technical parametersRemark
Straightening stands typeTurk’s head type, and 360°rotaryTwo sets
Diameter of straightening shaftΦ35mm
The material of the straightening shaft40Cr

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