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Rolling shutters and rolling grilles require very little headroom above the structural opening. They roll up compactly behind the lintel. No valuable hall space is lost at the sides or ceiling. Wuxi LOTOS ▷ Rolling Shutter Machine | Door shutter DESIGN 2O19 ◁ is one of the professional factories in fact, we can supply different kinds of roll forming machines for different shutter doors. If you have yourself door design, show us your design drawing. the good suggestion can be given out by our engineer. if you have any idea about your new project, some professional idea can be getting from us.

Roller Shutter Doors Manufacturers

Window Shutter Making Machine (35 mm )

Rolling steel shutter doors are commonly used for warehouses, garages, shops, etc. These are very strong and offer proper safety to the property. Fully automatic operation with one person operator. All our roll-up shutter doors are automatic using vigorous drive expertise with manual override in case of a power failure and are dense, noiseless, and dependable with low decibel level.

Roller Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine

Perforated Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine

Window shutter roll forming machine

Roll Forming Machines for Roller Shutter Slats (115 mm )

LOTOS produce a full range of steel personnel roller shutter door roll forming machine. Steel roller shutters are very versatile and come with various options, so they can be designed to suit our customer’s needs. Galvanized steel roller shutter doors can be used for a wide variety of applications. They are perfect for backyards, shop fronts and factory units. Leading LOTOS supplier of industrial high-speed door/shutter systems making machine. We have many styles of rolling shutter bars roll forming machine, we have manufactured and designed so many different 2 in 1 combining 2 profiles rolling shutter making machine with automatic feeding device.


Shutter Slat Roll Forming Machine

Rolling Shutter Machine Technical Proposal

Summary rolling shutter raw material 

Material: Galvanized Coil

Material Thickness: 0.8-1.2mm

Main roll forming machine Power: 7.5 KW

Forming Speed: 4-7m/min

Dimension: 7×0.8×0.8 m (L*W*H)

Weight: 4-5 T

Main Parts Door Shutter Design

  1. Manual Decoiler
  2. Roll Forming System
  3. Hydraulic cutter
  4. Control system
  5. Output table

Working Flowing Shutter Door Making Machine

Manual Un coiler    — >  >  Feeding   — >  >   Roll Forming  — >  >  Cutting — >  >   Output table



rolling shutter making machine
Technical Information About Door Shutter Roll Forming Machine
Un coiler TypeManual
Loading capacity3Ton Impassive to expanding
Axis Diameter60 mm
Main Axis materialFirst grade 45# steel heated and quenched
Cutting typeHydraulic stop cutter
Pillar size42*45mm
Forming Roller station13 groups
Machine Frame stand400 H-beam
Cutting system power2.2KW
Window shutter roll forming machine

Product Name: Rolling Shutter Machine

Product Description: We Supply , Install, Maintain, Service And Repair A Wide Range Of Roller Shutters Roll Forming Machine

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