Roll forming machine stands typically support rolling tools. The rolling tools have to mount on the stands so that they can work functionally. roll forming machine manufacturers, there are different roll forming stands working for different applications.

Different types of roll forming machine stand including:

  • Integrated-type roll forming stand
  • Independent type roll forming stand
  • Variations type roll forming stand

Integrated-type roll forming stand

Integrated Stands or wall plate type roll forming stands are for roll forming machines that bend thin materials less than 1.5mm thickness. The forming stands made of steel plates and welded on the machine base structure. this wall plate type of roll forming stand looks more like walls of the machine, therefore sometimes they call wall plate type. Depending on the material specifications, the thickness of the wall plate varies from 16mm to 22mm.also, the roll forming machine with Integrated stands usually works at low speed and costs lower than other type stands.

Integrated-type roll forming stand

Integrated-type roll forming stand

Independent type roll forming stand

There are two different structures for independent type roll forming stands: one is the Guide Pillar structure, and the other one is the Torii structure (or casting pillar). they work for different applications. so roll forming machine supplier has to specify which structure they use.

  1. Guide Pillar structure or Steel pillar: The Guide Pillar structure works for the same applications as the Integrated stand does. the Guide Pillar stands to apply for high-end roll forming lines for making metal sheets roll forming machine and decking metal roll forming machine.
    However, different from Integrated stands, the slides and the close bar mounded on the Guide Pillar stands are always electroplated with decorative chromes. the roll former with steel Pillar stands look beautiful, and cost higher than Integrated stands roll formers.
  2. Casting pillar: once Speaking of heavy-duty roll forming machines, the suppliers always go to casting pillar stands design. This design looks like the traditional Torii gate. The Torii design stand works well for Heavy-duty Roll Formers.
    a few roll forming machine manufacturers apply casting pillar design because this design really costs a lot. LOTOS experience in casting pillar design stands for many machines, like Guardrail roll former, strut channel roll former and elevator guide rail roll former, AND SO ON.

Steel pillar structure roll forming stand


Casting pillar structure


Variations types roll forming stands:

The roll stands mentioned here are the standard mill, with the shaft support on both sides, the cantilevered mill, where the shaft is only supported on one side, the double high mill, with two levels of rolls, and the side-by-side mill, with two sets of rolls mount on the same shaft.

  • Standard mills: The standard roll forming stand has shaft support on both sides. On the drive-side, the shaft couple to a motor that drives the rolls, on the operator-side, the stand which supports the shafts is removable in order to enable tool changing. This is the most common type of stand to roll form metals.
  • Cantilevered mills: Cantilevered mills have the shaft support on only one side, the drive-side. These are simple and low-cost designs, which have been used to form simple and narrow sections. the usage of this constructive solution depends on the deflection analysis of the shaft during forming.
  • Double high mills: This kind of mill is similar in construction to the standard mill but maximizes the available space by having two types of stands, one higher and one lower. This allows a factory with limited space to have two types of profiles in production in the same machine.
  • Side-by-side mills: These consist of a standard mill with a longer shaft, which can accommodate two or even three sets of rolls. This reduces tool changeover time by enabling two profiles to produce in the same machine, although not at the same time; this is in a way similar to the double-high mill.

Variations type roll forming stand

Variations type roll forming stand
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