Door Shutter Design

LOTOS roller shutter doors manufacturer can offer the choice of garage shutter door, and security door to suit your needs. A perforated roller shutter is suitable For where ventilation or vision is required. in fact, LOTOS is one of the manufacturers in the WUXI CHINA of rolling shutter making machines and garage door roll forming machines, and door guide rolling machines for industrial.

The design and install a Roll-up Shutter needs these parts:

  1. Motor and Barrel
  2. Guide Rails
  3. octagonal tube
  4. Box Assembly
  5. Remote Control Unit

we offer to you (For preparing roll up shutter door):

  1. rolling shutter machine for producing High-quality door shutter blinds.
  2. door guide rail rolling form machine for producing Guide Rails.
  3. octagonal brass tube making machine for producing an octagonal tube.



Shutter Door
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